How much food do you waste in your house? During my childhood we were raised to only cook what you needed, to eat all the leftovers, and not to waste food.  My family never had a whole lot of money to waste on expensive food when I was young, … read more

The PBS loophole that is catching out seniors


    The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is a great thing that really helps many seniors to save money on their health. But, this week one Starts at 60 community member brought something to our attention. She said that she couldn’t claim a repeat subscription when she went to the pharmacy … read more

Do your grandkids know the national anthem?

Australian Flag - Starts at sixty

We grew up singing the national anthem every morning at school. We heard it regularly and learning it was something that happened in the home and at school from a very young age. But, generations of today aren’t so well informed, as a new study has found that more young … read more

Attitude is the key to positive ageing

happy couple

In the early 1970s, Mick Jagger is quoted as saying “I’d rather be dead than singing Satisfaction when I’m 40” . He has obviously changed his mind as he’s still belting it out at 70. Some will see Mick’s current performances as a great advertisement for a life full of … read more

The changing role of the modern man


Fifty years ago men knew what to expect from marriage. Well they had every reason to expect, if they watched their fathers, the role model was clear. Men came home from work to a meal with crunchy roast potatoes and lots of meat, they then sat in a chair and … read more

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When The In Group visited the Pacific Islands…


This is the second instalment in James’ set of stories of his days as a young musician on the cruising circuit… To read his previous post, click here.  ‘The In Group’ had played its... read more

The Archibald Prize… My take on the portraits

Archibald Prize

I really have to wonder sometimes! The finalists in the famous Archibald Prize for portraiture were announced last week, with the eventual winner’s work published today. A great many... read more

Some of the most fun children ever had…


  How fast this first year flown in the life of baby George. I’m betting he will be having a much more lavish party than my kids ever had.... read more

The things we hold on to…


Who has one or two of these lurking about in dark places… waiting hopefully for the perfect reunion?? OMG… there you are! Hiding away in there. I thought you... read more

Caught with my pants down in 64′


It was late 1964 and my mother had just bought me the most hideous-looking, off-the-rack trousers from a Sydney Wide store in Pitt Street, City. I’d gone there with... read more

My first birthday was the only birthday I had with my mother

first birthday

Baby Prince George is one today.  And what a terrific day it is.  The lovely little boy is showing signs of being perfectly normal, walking, talking and tantruming just like a normal little boy... read more

Homemade dog treats for your furry friend!


We love to cook treats for ourselves… Cookies, slices, decadent cakes and more. And, every time we sit there indulging, there is a pair of eyes we try our... read more

You might feel alone, but you don’t have to be


Mary was 67 when her husband John passed away. They had been married for 45 years and had shared a wonderful life together. Three of their four children lived... read more

Tattoo removal in your 60s: Good idea or a waste?


  The tattoo removal industry has surged over the last five years, with the American industry worth $75.5 million and growing by 440% over the last 10 years.  Tt’s... read more

Your guide for a good nights’ sleep


  You’ve heard it all before, get eight hours of sleep and don’t drink caffeine close to bedtime. However, your lifestyle habits or wandering mind might not be the... read more

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New retirement community or older, more established retirement community? What is the difference?

Island Point2

There is a big difference between moving into an established retirement community that has been around for a few years, and being the new... read more

Worried about how downsizing might affect your pension?

retirement living

  Would you downsize to a smaller home if you didn’t have to worry about how it might effect your eligibility for the pension... read more

Considering village life for your retirement?


  A village lifestyle might be something you’ve contemplated. Or perhaps something you’ve never considered.  Either way, there seems to be one enormous thing... read more

Featured Village

If inner-city luxury with a distinct flavour of yesteryear is what you’re seeking, perhaps the Aveo Clayfield retirement village in Brisbane is right up your alley. When it comes to retirement living, Aveo Clayfield delivers a lifestyle with a difference. Set high on a... read more

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Would you take cannabis if you were terminally ill?


    Medicinal marijuana has been a subject of controversy for decades. But, recent revelations has made it more and more likely that this could happen in New South Wales. According to the Daily... read more

Think about pain differently and it might go away…


How many times do you let the pain from a bad back ruin your day? Or how often do you spend a day complaining because your crooked sleeping style... read more

Diet drinks are killing women

Diet Coke

Do you ever go to grab a soft drink and think, ‘oh I’ll be healthy, I’ll just a have a diet coke/lemonade/Fanta’ or something in between? Well, in the... read more

Alternative ways to relieve pain


  For those who suffer interminable pain in their joints, sinuses or nerves, there are some proven natural ways to relieve it without resorting to pharmaceuticals.  Herbs and diets... read more

Friday fun stuff… Could smelling human flatulence be good for us?


  Surely not!!!     We found this article on TIME and couldn’t believe it… So much so that we felt we needed to share it with you all!... read more

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Hello London! [Backpacking over 60]


This is the second instalment of Libby’s 2006 international holiday with no plans. To see her previous blog, click here.  Hello London! We had arrived.  We went with my brother to get the car... read more

Planning for our Mother-Son adventure went a little something like this…


This is the second part of Scott’s journey when he surprised his Mum and took her on a fantastic trip back to her home town… To read the first post, click here. So, to... read more

Backpacking over 60… Well, sort of!


Travel can be an organised like most peoples or it can be organised like ours and be a bit of a Magical Mystery Tour! We had only been to the Pacific region on our... read more

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A taste of Scotland with Carolyn Robb – 10% off!!!

$5,125.50 per person

SAVE 10% OR $570 – A Taste of Scotland... read more

Head South for Sophistication and Charm

from $4,625 per person, twin-share per person

  Enter an era of refinement, sophistication and good... read more

Tick incredible India off your bucket list with these package deals…

$1,689 per person

Adventure World has some incredible trips to India on... read more

The perks of being a retiree: What exactly are you entitled to?


Retiring is something everyone does. Some of us do it with fabulous plans in place to grey nomad or explore the world, some of us do it with an excitement to just sit, stop... read more

Big banks bending over backwards for dementia sufferers


On August 1 this year, we will no longer have the privilege of signing for purchases made on credit cards and banks lock down on their security systems and... read more

Are you SKIing through retirement proudly?

grey nomads starts ats ixty

  Ever hear the phrase, SKI-ing or “spending the kids inheritance” and either cringed a little or felt a ripple of excitement frisson through you!  It used to be,... read more

Would you go guarantor to your child’s home loan?

Money home loan

Did you know that with a little help from mum and dad, your kids can potentially borrow up to a 100% of a property’s value, without a cent of... read more

Super fees are simply too high


  Australia’s superannuation fees have been found to be “high” by global comparison, and the standards of competence of financial advisers disparate in our nation, two of the largest... read more


This is definitely for the forensically inclined…

Concealed in Death by J D Robb Concealed in Death is available via Booktopia for $23.95 A billionaire, Roarke, is... read more


A warm, compassionate, compelling and enjoyable read

Family Secrets by Liz Byrski Family Secrets is available via Booktopia for $23.95 “HAWKINS, Gerald Arthur Passed peacefully at... read more


Before 50 Shades of Grey there was the Skye O’Malley series

Skye O’Malley by Beatrice Small is available via Booktopia for $18.50 Disclaimer here first…  Bertrice Small is my absolute... read more


The silliest book I’ve read in a year… And I loved it!

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA Wardrobe By Romain Puértolas Available via Booktopia... read more

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Two of the biggest names in music combined for this hit in 71

James Taylor

In 1971, this song soared to number one on the July Billboard charts. The song won both of the singers Grammy Awards for different categories. The male vocalist won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance... read more

We guarantee you’ll have a laugh at this!


Even though it is in German, wait about 20 seconds and you will be laughing your head off – language is not a real barrier! Find out what happens... read more

Has China done something that will change the world?


China, one of the largest polluters in the world, has done something for the environment that no country has done before. According to Bloomberg news, this week the Chinese... read more

Baby George’s first year of life in pictures

Baby George

We’ve “ooh-ed and ahh-ed” over baby George since he was born… A whole year ago! And now the gorgeous prince is walking. He’s come to visit us since being... read more

iPhone 6 production begins!

iphone 6

The iPhone 6 is well on its way to Aussie shores as the company manufacturing the product, Foxconn, confirms it has begun preparations. According to technology website, Tech2, the... read more

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All you need to know about the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Glasgow 2014

The 2014 Commonwealth Games is about to begin and it is set to be a fantastic series. This year, the games are being played in Glasgow, Scotland and will be the largest multi-sport event... read more

Your Say: No ANZAC public holiday… The right way to restore the true meaning?


As Australia commemorates the centenary anniversary of ANZAC day, government and business owners are doing their best to reinforce the true meaning of ANZAC Day… How? By taking away... read more

Jacqui Lambie our national treasure

Jacqui Lambie

You know Senator Jacqui Lambie for the Palmer United Party? Well, she seems to have a penchant for saying the most bizarre and perhaps even inappropriate things when giving... read more

Your say: Respect for the dead

crash site

We’ve all been watch the tragedy of MH17 for the last three days in horror.  But what was a horrific international event in time is turning into an International... read more

Rockford Files’ James Garner, dead at 86


Reports are rolling in tonight that well-loved actor, from the leading television series Maverick and The Rockford Files and a star of The Great Escape has died at the... read more

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One pot, four ingredient slow cooker beef stroganoff


There’s nothing better than a warm, steaming beef stroganoff to come home to on a winter’s day. This recipe is simple, delicious and will keep you warm! Ingredients 500g beef strips (frozen) 500g sour cream One can of cream of mushroom soup Packet of onion soup Method Put frozen beef … read more

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Winter sale staples


Right now the shops are starting to stock spring clothes, it seems a little premature we know. But on the flip side, this means that we can all pick up some wonderful winter staples at bargain prices. In this week’s style we have considered the must have winter items and … read more

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When it snows…


On a bitterly cold winter’s morning a husband and wife in Glasgow were listening to the radio during breakfast. They heard the announcer say, “We are going to have 8 to 10 inches of snow today.  So we ask everyone to park your cars on the even-numbered side of the street, … read more

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Win tickets to the Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival

The Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival is just around the corner! And Starts at 60 have two double passes... read more

SolAria Show

Win tickets to the spellbinding SolAria at Jupiters on the Gold Coast!

Escape the winter blues with SolAria – An International Spectacular playing now at Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast!... read more

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Alzheimer’s Australia Memory Walk & Jog

The Alzheimer’s Australia Memory Walk and Jog is just around the corner. The walk began as a small community... read more

Cooly rocks on

Cooly Rocks On! [Australia's largest nostalgia festival]

Do you love the 50s and 60s? Do you miss the dancing, the music, the cars, the clothes, the... read more

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Jim Croce

The last song released before this artists death…

This song sung by American folk singer, Jim Croce was a 1973 favourite. It spent two weeks at number... read more

the rolling stones

A song about sexual frustration that rocked the world

This song by English rock band, The Rolling Stones was released in 1965 and slammed other songs of the... read more