Two of my friends lost their jobs recently, both women in their early 60s. No cameras will record their last day at work. They don’t make cars, or wear hard hats. They don’t work in aluminium smelters or fly Qantas planes. They work for government. One is a casualty of … read more

New driver behaviour cameras: Safety initiative or cash grab?


The Victorian police force is beginning to implement the use of high spec traffic cameras that can zoom in up to 700 meters away.  The aim is to help catch offending drivers texting, eating, applying make-up and even not wearing seat belts. The technology was made available to the Victoria … read more

Senator Fifield on how the government are looking after for over 60s in our communities…

Fifield header

    You asked Senator Fifield, “We are concerned that the government doesn’t prioritise seniors and older people. People suffering from substance abuse and addiction, criminals and people who are on the “dole” are receiving more government assistance than we are. Why? What are you doing to fix this imbalance?” … read more

Could intimacy help to keep the years at bay? [Sex After Sixty]

happy older couple

A couple of months ago an elderly couple was spotted having sex in their parked car at the beach on a Sunday afternoon in full view of the others in the car park! One of the stunned people who witnessed this decided to call the authorities, as there were a … read more

Exercises to enjoy without breaking your bank account


 Maintaining a regular program of exercise will contribute to greater vitality through every stage of your life. Rather than succumb to aches, pains, stiffness and immobility, my consistent advice to my senior clients is that movement is the best counter-attack. There are countless exercises that you can start doing today … read more

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I did this one thing and it changed my life…


I’ve just started using hearing aids, courtesy of the Australian Government.  My life has changed! A couple of years back I thought, oh dear, the birds are disappearing.  No longer could I hear the... read more

Your knees and feet have some weighty issues [Dieting After Sixty]


I see many people who are overweight and obese walking around seemingly in pain with what I assume is from sore knees and aching feet. Naturally the more you... read more

“Say cheeeeeeese!”


I love my digital camera.Years ago I started taking pictures with a Kodak Instamatic camera, graduated to a Yashica range finder, then to a Canon single lens reflex. I’ve... read more

Addiction: It’s not just for the bad drugs


Valium, (just one of many benzodiazepam’s) or Diazepam is used millions of people throughout the world. Valium once hailed a wonder drug, created by Leo Sternbach, 97, the US... read more

Has the adventure in hobbies gone?


Have you noticed how many places now cater for the many hobbies people (especially older people like us) indulge in? Wander around K-Mart and you’ll find a whole aisle... read more

The three movies you should be seeing with your grandkids these holidays…


Every school holiday season there is a set of movies that are must-sees for the grandkids. These Easter holidays are no different, with three fantastic movies on offer. 1. The Lego movie This film... read more

What are the signs that your parents aren’t coping?

baby boomer parents

Holidays like Easter next week are a good time to go home and see your family.  One important byproduct of this is you have the opportunity to check out... read more

Increase in the retirement age to 70 is declared likely!

joe hockey insiders

Joe Hockey has overnight signalled plans to raise the retirement age to 70 . They are also planning to introduce tougher income rules for the aged pension and a crackdown... read more

The one thing you shouldn’t be giving your grandkids…

muesli bars

While you’re enjoying your time with the grandkids these school holidays, make sure you stay away from the one food that is pushing up obesity rates in Australia fast…... read more

The new anthem for breast cancer…

breast cancer

Breast cancer now has an anthem. Honouring Chrissy Amphlett’s last dying wish, “I touch myself” originally by the Divinyls’ is to be the national anthem for breast cancer awareness... read more

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Does the idea of downsizing get you down?


“Downsizing is not about saving money; it’s about improving quality of life.” (Downsizing Amongst Older Australians, Bruce Judd, University of NSW). These days everyone... read more

Retirement taught me that we can be happy without labelling ourselves

Happy seniors

One of my greatest concerns, probably my only concern when thinking about retirement was that I would no longer “do” or “be” anything. Once... read more

Defining the spirit of a new over 55s community

Lend Lease 1

Lend Lease have announced construction of a new over 55s community in north Canberra this week.  They’re running a competition on the radio for... read more

Featured Village

Less than an hour from the CBD and with Pittwater on your doorstep and Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park just down the road, life on Sydney’s Northern Beaches is busy and bursting with activity.     Northern Beaches locals already know; retirement living in this part... read more

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Milk proteins may help control diabetes


Proteins from milk may combat and reduce the risk of developing Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease, type 2 diabetes. Professor Phillip Newsholme, Head of Curtin University’s School of Biomedical Sciences and leader of the... read more

Fat and fit? There’s no such thing for most people


The idea that people can be healthy at any weight has gained credence in recent years, despite widespread evidence that obesity creates health risks. While the idea is attractive,... read more

You may already be taking a drug that can make you live longer…


A study published in Nature Communications has reported that a dietary supplement commonly taken by patients with arthritis could be increasing their lifespan. You could be increasing your lifespan... read more

11 ways to kickstart your metabolism

Green Tea

Your metabolism involves a complex network of hormones and enzymes that not only convert food into fuel but also affect how efficiently you burn that fuel. Basically the process... read more

Spring forward, fall back: How daylight saving affects our sleep


By Leon Lack, Flinders University Daylight saving time ended this weekend in most states and territories (barring Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory), meaning we’ll turn our clocks... read more

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How we found the perfect caravan [The Mad Nomads]

The Snail House on the road at last

Last week I told you how I became hooked on becoming a grey nomad…how a Prime Minister helped me to decide that my husbands wish to hit the road was a good one. This... read more

What are the best travel tips: have your say

travel tips

My dad is headed off on an overseas trip next week, and as this is one of the first big trips of his retirement he rang me up for some tips and tricks.  He... read more

Alone in China and I don’t know the way home!


My first English teaching job in China was in Zhangjaigang, two hours inland from Shanghai. It’s a clean, flat, modern city with the title of “Model Sanitation city”. It’s an example of what other... read more

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2015 ANZAC Day Turkey and Greece package

$6895 per person

Insight Vacations have put together a 22 Day journey... read more

Enjoy a Middle Eastern experience in Abu Dhabi…

$225 per person

Thinking of travelling overseas? Break up a long haul... read more

Explore the sights of Chiang Mai

$1,315 per person, twin share per person

Explore Thailand with flights, four nights in Chiang Mai... read more

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Taxing times for self-managed super funds


By Helen Hodgson, Curtin University Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are the fastest growing sector of the superannuation industry, spiking by 33% between 2008 and 2012, putting them in the sights of both the... read more

Living on a budget… Here’s some tried and tested tips and tricks


Having been through some rough times financially and now on the count down to my partner retiring I’ve been collecting tips on how to stretch the budget. My husband’s... read more

A GST hike: What’s the worst that could happen?


There has been lots of speculation over the last few weeks about the possibility of an increase in the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which currently sits at 10%... read more

Are you doing more harm than good when it comes to the family finances?


Who manages the financial affairs in your household? Could you manage the money if the unforeseen occurred tomorrow? In many households, there inevitably tends to be one person who... read more

The majority of Australians are not saving enough for retirement


By Roger Wilkins, University of Melbourne and Carsten Murawski, University of Melbourne Only 53% of couples and 22% of single people are on track to achieve a comfortable level... read more


“It was a world I had heard about, but not one I knew…”

“The Help” by Katherine Stocket Available for $15.80 via Booktopia.    ‘The Help” by Katherine Stocket was another world... read more


This novel provoked such incredibly conflicting emotions…

The Bookseller of Kabul Asne Seierstad Available via Booktopia for $18.80.  If you wanted to insert yourself into an... read more


“The Collector” by Nora Roberts

“The Collector” by Nora Roberts Available for $23.95 via Booktopia.  This review has been written by Mary-Anne Philbrick  Nora... read more

THe winter sea

I’ve read all 21 of this authors novels and I am yet to be disappointed…

The Winter Sea Di Morrissey Available for $22.95 via Booktopia.  Australian author Di Morrissey has 21 books to her... read more

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The favourite to win Britain’s Got Talent is 79 years old!!!

Paddy 79 year old

After just one episode of the hit reality competition show, Britain’s Got Talent, the judges and audience have found their favourite for the win, in 79 year old Paddy the ballroom dancer. Upon walking... read more

Reports that ACDC to retire…


Rumours have surfaced that the iconic Australian band, ACDC are retiring with several rumours reported on Australian media today. 3AW radio had a caller named “Rock Caller” suggesting that... read more

Welcome back George Michael

George Michael

I made what I feel is a magnificent musical discovery on the weekend… I discovered that George Michael has released a new album, and he has done so with... read more

Keith Richards and Ringo Starr aren’t too old… And neither are you!


At the Ageing in America conference last week, amongst the discussions about Alzheimer’s and family caregiving, a panel of music icons discussed the issues they face in ageing and... read more

The newest (and coolest) smartphone: What it is and when you can get it…

Star Wars

As we continue to play crazed games on our iPhones (Candy Crush or Farm Story anyone?) another technology giant is creating their own smart phone… Complete with a 3D... read more

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All you need to know about tonight’s lunar eclipse


Tonight is the first of four lunar eclipses in a tetrad of eclipses. The moon with turn a redish-orange colour as the result of perfect alignment of the moon, sun and earth. National Geographic explains that... read more

Do your care if they cut Aunty?


It seems everything is on the line in this budget of all budgets, and loudly so.  The most publicly fought though appears to be cuts to our public broadcast... read more

Are our crime rates really that bad?


I went to an AFL game at the Gold Coast’s Metricon Stadium on Saturday night and what I saw got me a little concerned.  There was police in bulletproof... read more

Living through natural disasters: thinking about Cooktown


As the people in Cooktown woke up to the reality of destruction and damage this morning, and we all watch the footage on TV’s 24 hour coverage, each of... read more

Have you been excluded from working because of age?


The pressure cooker is on, and the Government is sure it wants people to work longer and later in life.  The way they are going to encourage this is... read more

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A fun DIY take on creme eggs for Easter! [Cooking with the Grandkids]

Creme Egg

These little desserts are too much fun! They are an adorable Easter treat that is a fun way to get the grandkids into the kitchen and enjoying what they eat… Just make sure they aren’t confused with the eggs for breakfast! Ingredients 350g Milk Chocolate Melts 6 balloons 250ml Creamed … read more

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“Stepping out” in Style

style over 60 with siobhan720x405

  Today we welcome a new style writer to our ranks, Siobhan Beirne, who has had years of experience in both style and beauty.  And you should see what she has put together.  We’re thrilled to have her contributing to Starts at Sixty…    School holidays can be a very busy … read more

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The horth…


The Guy calls his buddy the horse rancher and says he’s sending a friend over to look at a horse . The buddy says,”how will I recognize him?” “That’s easy, he’s a midget with a speech impediment” So, the midget shows up, and the guy asks him if he’s looking … read more

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Win a copy of “Get your self back in motion” plus a physio assessment and five pilates classes or massages!

The Back In Motion Health Group is Australia’s most loved and trusted provider of physiotherapy and related services across... read more

Celtic Thunder1

Win tickets to two time Billboard Chart topper, Celtic Thunder’s spectacular new show!

Two time number one Billboard Chart toppers, Celtic Thunder are visiting Australia and you have a chance to win... read more

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Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 1.24.43 PM

Noosa International Food and Wine Festival 2014

This year the Noosa International Food and Wine festival is feeling the good vibes as they host a sixties... read more

Michael Buble - Starts at Sixty

Michael Buble 2014 Australian Tour

Canadian crooner Michael Buble is back in Australia this year for another tour heading to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide... read more

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Which greatest song of all time was number one in 1977?

This 1976 song is considered the most successful of the 1970s and also one of the greatest songs of... read more

elton john - flashback - starts at sixty

Which song was Elton John’s seventh number one hit?

This song was this iconic artist’s seventh number one hit in the early 1970s. The song was actually a... read more