21 Queen_Margrethe_II_of_Denmark_70th_Birthday_April_2010

Would you do this in front of your grandchildren?

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe is a smoker. She loves a cigarette, and has defiantly continued to smoke despite being urged to quit many times by her family[...]

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44 Carmichael mine site

Australia’s largest coal mine approval overturned

It’s a win for environmentalists but is it a win for Australia? The proposed Carmichael mega-mine in central Queensland has seen its approvals “set aside” by the Federal[...]

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11 iStock_000057346150_spicy food

Want to live longer? Spice it up!

Every time you tuck into a spicy curry, mouth numbing papaya salad or heart-warming salsa, you’re doing yourself a service. Researchers today announce that spicy food is[...]

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243 iStock_000005678855_wheelchair

Should people on disability pensions be allowed to travel?

A woman who suffers from multiple sclerosis is petitioning the Australian government to end travel restrictions placed on recipients of the Disability Support Pension (DSP). People who[...]

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74 Corporate boardroom with blank paper set for the meeting.

Empty chairs at empty tables cost $5000 each

Australian taxpayers are funding phantom workspaces, according to a Finance Department list given to Parliament’s public works committee this week. The federal public service has been forking[...]

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‘Life is about actions and interactions': Adam Goodes’ Australia Day speech

There has been an awful lot of talk about the Adam Goodes saga over the past few weeks. Talk about the booing being racist.  Talk about[...]

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Airline bows to pressure to ban trophy animals

As public pressure grows for action on the hunting of so called African “trophy” animals, hunters have fought back with the argument the sport is legal.[...]

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Aliens are loved by Jesus too: Vatican says all intelligent life welcome

It’s nice to know that if we were to ever go to space that the Vatican would consider us covered by God’s almighty power – they’ve[...]

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Australian gun ownership soars despite controversies

You’d think in the midst of mass shootings overseas and gun-related crime that Australians wouldn’t be contributing to the problem but unfortunately, we are. It’s been reported[...]

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82 Caterpillar on chilli pepper

Shocking discovery of live creature in supermarket produce

When Coles customer Matthew Wilson cut into a bright red capsicum around dinnertime yesterday, he was stunned to discover an interloper had made his fresh food[...]

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Is my grandchild’s strange obsession a bad thing?

Since I can remember, my friend’s grandson has been obsessed with buses. He always had a toy bus with him and would play for hours. He[...]

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Sex is not just for the young

There is a common myth out there that sex is only for the young. This is untrue. Whilst ageing can see us engaging in sexual activity[...]

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134 Family means everything to me

What everyone needs to know about being over 60, by an over 60

In a country where the population is ageing rapidly, we seem to have a problem. No one wants to acknowledge the fact. Australia’s over 65s are growing[...]

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The heat is on for lizards!

It now seems that Jim Morrison, the lead singer for The Doors, was being truthful when he warbled, “I am the lizard king, I can do[...]

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It’s lovely to see equal opportunity in retail stores

Recently I posted on my Facebook page: “Bouquets to Big W! I was served by a non-verbal person in their Brisbane store. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if[...]

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A snapshot from World War II

Here’s a glimpse of life in the UK during the second world war. Fire watchers were volunteers who stayed up all night, on a roster basis,[...]

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The dilemma of adoption and tracing your birth family

So you are around 60-ish years old and you were adopted soon after birth. Having had a wonderful up bringing and love from your late adoptive[...]

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22 unit 1_c

27sqm apartment wins unit of the year: Would you live here?

The smaller apartment is something that onfronts many of us who have lived in houses int he suburbs for decades.  But there is some debate that[...]

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A healthy life is not a lottery but you’ve got to be in it to win it

According to the ancient philosophers, purpose is the meaning of life. Retirees often complain they have nothing to do and all day to do it in.[...]

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The perfect age to downsize is…

When is the best time to give up the big family home? Should you enjoy some time turning it back into yours after the kids have[...]

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0 Doing some work from home

Mobilise your business to achieve your main goal

As a small (probably solo) business owner you can no longer afford to be locked into static business practices or environments. Your market, staff, competition are[...]

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Women earn less, retire with less and live longer… great.

A white paper commissioned by one of Australia’s largest banks has found that full-time working women today will earn on average $700,000 less throughout their lifetime than men[...]

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Managing your investments – hands on or the occasional touch?

For some people, being in control of their money in retirement is very important while for others, money is something they don’t really understand. The latter[...]

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Addicted to debt: The average Australian’s debt is crippling them

For most of us pensioners, we are trying to scrimp every cent and save every dollar, yet a new study has shown that the typical Australian[...]

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Could seniors saving money be holding our economy back?

Low interest rate environments usually encourage most people with a few dollars out of their shells to spend them. But the recent budget attacks on seniors,[...]

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26 misspiggy

Shock news: Miss Piggy and Kermit have split

Hollywood couples are famously fickle and very few stand the test of time but the announcement from Miss Piggy that she and Kermit are to split[...]

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This image of Princess Charlotte and her grandmother will give you shivers

An image of the Duchess of Cambridge proudly holding out baby Charlotte to her mother-in-law has been met with both joy… and horror. The clever (and[...]

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Three very good reasons you should play more games

Older Australians can only benefit from playing computer games, which will help them keep working for longer, connect more meaningfully with their loved ones and stay[...]

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17 040815_senior_couple_phone

How to use your phone overseas without racking up a huge bill

You may have heard those horror stories of people who have been overseas and received massive phone bills, but it doesn’t mean it will happen to[...]

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Top 5 soulful Southern stops in the USA

America’s southern cities have a distinctive soul. From the country music ways of Nashville to the Civil War remnants of Charleston, the south oozes with character[...]

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A hot air balloon ride to remember

One of the highlights of our one month in Turkey in 2013 was our sunrise hot air balloon ride. Our pick up was scheduled for 4.50am[...]

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2 calgary-stampede

Travel deal: discover the thrill of the Calgary Stampede!

If you’re a rodeo fan (or looking to surprise[...]


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10 niagra-falls

Travel deal: Take an unforgettable 8-day tour of Eastern Canada

Eager to explore Canada, but not sure where to[...]


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1 whitsundays

Travel deal: escape the cold with a tropical Whitsundays adventure!

Still shivering from the recent cold snap? Escape Travel’s[...]


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4 rocky-mountains

Travel deal: explore the Rockies and Alaska over two unforgettable weeks!

Escape Travel’s latest deal offers two full-scale adventures in[...]


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