65 Sewing items

The blind leading the blind: will our future generations be without basic life skills?

When we were young, our mum and dad could do anything – they could cure a cold and fix your toys. Mum could sew your hems[...]

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97 Water Arobics

If you’ve conquered menopause, call yourself a champion

If you have battled through menopause then you’ll know just how awful it really is. We sweat, we ache, we are irrational, we cry, we are[...]

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0 211014_Australia_Voting_Ballot_edited

State elections: more promises, more let downs

We have State elections coming up in a few weeks’ time, much to the excitement of the public, I’m sure; we all love a good election,[...]

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0 1147 Mal  Lara with Kombi

The adventure continues for the Leylands

Life is a journey for all of us but the road is longer for some. If you watched TV in the 70s and 80s you’ll remember[...]

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29 Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.29.20 AM

Flying with Qantas just got a whole lot more comfortable…

Qantas is one of the airlines that has been renowned for its comfortable experiences. And now, their series of A330s have had a makeover – and[...]

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Oscar de la Renta designer and patternmaker

For many here who made their own dresses in the 70s, 80s and even 90s, an Oscar de la Renta pattern was a very special and[...]

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Remembering Gough Whitlam… a significant contributor to Australian history

At the age of 98, one of Australia’s most controversial Prime Ministers and political icons, an agent of change and a disrupter of so many parts[...]

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The Pope’s strong message that we can all get behind

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Catholic Church was stuck in its ways…that is until Pope Francis came along. The Argentinian leader has radically changed the[...]

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The tributes to Gough Whitlam on twitter…

After the news was released by the Whitlam family that Gough Whitlam, one of the most iconic Prime Ministers in Australian history has passed away, twitter[...]

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0 161014_Crown_Prince_Princess_edited

The Prince and Princess

Away back in the early 18th century, Prince Henry of Neuwurstenburg and Princess Anna of Darmelitz were to be wed. If the union proved satisfactory, their[...]

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Remember the dresses of Oscar de la Renta

Oscar De la Renta, one of Hollywoods finest fashion designers, and a brand to be reckoned with on the red carpet, died today at the age[...]

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Imagine never wearing eyeglasses again!

Could you imagine throwing away your glasses forever? Well, more than 1 billion people affected by blurriness in near vision could be tossing their glasses in[...]

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46 Residential House, Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains, Australia

You can do it alone – no agents required!

Real estate agents will tell you that selling your house is not as easy as it looks, that agents know the market and can get you[...]

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The distractions of spring

When I sit to write or revise my work I am, I must confess, often distracted by the beauty of my surroundings …it’s supposed to be[...]

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Our canine family: the dogs I’ve met and owned

We are pretty much a group of dog lovers. I’ve put together a few selected tales about some of our canine family members over the years.[...]

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Are we expecting sunshine without the rain? My response to The Silver Veil

My response to the ‘The silver veil…becoming invisible as we age’… What this poor woman needs is some friendly encouragement and if there is no friend[...]

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C.J. Dennis – a forgotten poetic genius?

Ninety nine years ago in Sydney, George Robertson, of the famed Angus & Robertson publishing company, published the most successful book of poetry ever published in[...]

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149 Brisbane Skytower

Living high in the sky: A lifestyle choice for boomers and empty nesters?

Sky-high apartment towers are being approved in the hearts of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne at a faster pace than we’ve seen in a long time and[...]

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Do your grandchildren affect where you live?

How much time you spend with your grandchildren depends on so many different things. How old they are, whether they live nearby, your relationship with your[...]

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Living in a retirement village saved my life

We’ve discussed retirement villages many advantages extensively with the Starts at 60 community but this week, we stumbled across a story that highlights one of the[...]

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208 iStock_000017976050_Large_lr

Big ticket savings – four simple ideas you should consider in retirement

For your whole life, you have been working hard, and now your retirement is here, and you’re ready to start living it.  For some there is[...]

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Retirement: reality vs. expectations

Do you remember what you thought of retirement before you took the leap? Were you full of relief and excitement? And now that you are retired,[...]

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This could save you thousands in retirement… So why aren’t you doing it?

Retirement living has many perks – more time, less expenses, more fun, more options and fewer restrictions. But, there is another advantage to retirement living that[...]

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The great Australian gender wealth gaps

It is hard to imagine that in all of our years as a nation that we still haven’t got this one crucial thing right…..the gender pay[...]

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Your nest egg: can you get part of your super early?

Thinking about withdrawing part of your super, but confused about the rules? Rest assured, you are not the first! Below is a quick outline on the[...]

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117 Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.39.22 pm

The coolest bulldog ever!

This is something you don’t see everyday…. a bulldog riding a motorbike! This hilarious video shows Sweets the English bulldog riding shotgun with his owner…what happens[...]

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What’s on TV this week? Tue 21 Oct – Mon 27 Oct

It’s frustrating looking through the TV guide every week for something you like – there’s so much junk – so we have done the hard work[...]

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GIVEAWAY – Legendary soprano Inessa Galante returns to Australia

Latvian Opera’s internationally acclaimed prima donna Inessa Galante, is returning to Australia for the first time in a decade for a recital at Melbourne Recital Centre on[...]

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353 Hong_Kong_Cityscape

Why fly Cathay Pacific?

Planning your next getaway? Before you take off, you need to decide which airline is best for you. Most holidaymakers think about price when booking their[...]

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I’m not a good tourist… [Backpacking over 60]

This is the fifth instalment of Libby’s incredible backpacking adventure! To read her last post, click here. What a day, no driving so we took the advice[...]

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The great Australian bucket list

Many go overseas to tick things off their bucket lists, but what about the hidden gems we have in our own backyard? We have so much to[...]

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62 Mekong_asia

Cruise along the majestic Mekong on a budget!

The Mekong River is one of the “must do”[...]


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Return flights to LA for less than $1000? Yes please!

Thanks to Escape Travel you can enjoy return economy[...]


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131 fiji

Fiji flights and accommodation for an unbelievable price!

This travel deal is pretty amazing… Enjoy an escape[...]


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1 Gold_Coast,QLD

Have a last minute long weekend on the sunny Queensland coast!

The Gold Coast is one of the most famous[...]


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