In an incredible achievement, Australian lawn-bowler, Joy Forster has won a bronze medal for her performance in the para-lawn bowls pairs with her awesome, partner, Tony Scott! Well done to the pair for their fantastic performance in the semi-finals against Wales, just bumping out at 9-15. As Joy suffers … read more

Could the milk crisis turn on major retailers

dairy farms

  Australian Milk is finally in demand from China and it could create a crisis for the major retailers who will be forced to buy the milk they sell at benchmark export rates instead of screwing down the local milk supply chain so far it breaks as it has done … read more

Is the fi-fo lifestyle tearing families apart?


  On Sunday I sat down to read the paper and was greeted with some very grim stories. There was the devastation in Gaza, the Ukrainian and Russian conflict, another hanging in India and then there was something that hit a lot closer to home. It was the first anniversary … read more

Your first few post menopausal years determine your ageing process


  In our postmenopausal years, we like to kick back, relax, drink too much champagne and enjoy ourselves because hey, we made it! But, our carefree living in those years has much more significant effects on our health than previously thought. A study published in Molecular Psychiatry has found that … read more

Every woman can relate to this…

Public toilet

  This little piece has been circulating around the internet and emails of women over the last few weeks. It’s filled with some real life truths about public toilets and just why we, as women, dislike them so much…    When you have to visit a public toilet, you usually … read more

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We just don’t hear stories like this anymore…


Once upon a time, long before the wonders of modern communication, including telephones, we spoke of and to each other as a means of relating our daily lives – and never (well, rarely) as... read more

The never-empty nest


    Twenty years ago when I was a working mother of young children my constant companion was guilt. Was I spending enough time with my children? Now that... read more

Finding the ideal man


Have you noticed that there are more single women in the over 50 age group than men? There are obvious reasons such as women living longer than men and... read more

Progress with the NBN?


Our section of our town was one of the first trials for the installation of NBN. We added our names to the list who wanted to take advantage of... read more

Air raid sirens and bonfires mark my childhood…

Bonfire - Starts at sixty

I remember the first time I heard the air raid siren whine, the first time I saw a German plane flying over Bristol, on its way to bomb Filton... read more

Six DIY face products you can try today!


  There’s nothing like treating your skin to some beautiful products filled with the goodness that will tighten, smooth, moisturise, exfoliate and refine. And luckily, there are some wonderful ways you can give your... read more

Life hack #2: Bad smells be gone!

tea bag

Everyone hates bad smells. Whether it is smelly feet, smelly shoes or a garbage bin, we will run a mile to get away from something so unpleasant. And even... read more

The most boring Commonwealth Games coverage ever


  I love watching our nation win gold as much as the rest of the country.  But this year it seems there is more people on the TV screen... read more

Medibank policyholders could make money from the sale


  Are you a Medibank Private policyholder?  Have you been one for a very long time?  Well, an investigative media report today is saying that you could be set... read more

The most versatile essential oils for your health

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 1.19.49 PM

We spend so much time consuming chemicals in our daily life that we forget that there are organic alternative products available to us. Essential oils are so versatile and... read more

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Too much time and not enough friends…


    Friendship and free time are two of life’s little joys, but what happens when you find that you have too little of... read more

New retirement community or older, more established retirement community? What is the difference?

Island Point2

There is a big difference between moving into an established retirement community that has been around for a few years, and being the new... read more

Worried about how downsizing might affect your pension?

retirement living

  Would you downsize to a smaller home if you didn’t have to worry about how it might effect your eligibility for the pension... read more

Featured Village

If inner-city luxury with a distinct flavour of yesteryear is what you’re seeking, perhaps the Aveo Clayfield retirement village in Brisbane is right up your alley. When it comes to retirement living, Aveo Clayfield delivers a lifestyle with a difference. Set high on a... read more

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The prices are down for those who want to get up!


  In good news for men all over Australia, the availability of viagra has just skyrocketed with some serious perks like cheaper prices and different packaging. According to the Daily Mail, Pfizer the pharmaceutical... read more

How the Mediterranean Diet may help to prevent Cancer

sicilian olives

Barbara is strong supporter of The Mediterranean Diet.  Have you ever considered how it might be used to prevent Cancer in your life? But what should you be eating... read more

10 stretches to kick start your day


Stretching is traditionally one of the most highly recommended components of any exercise regime or physical activity. It can also be beneficial to practice stretching on its own so... read more

The PBS loophole that is catching out seniors


    The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is a great thing that really helps many seniors to save money on their health. But, this week one Starts at 60 community... read more

Would you take cannabis if you were terminally ill?


    Medicinal marijuana has been a subject of controversy for decades. But, recent revelations has made it more and more likely that this could happen in New South... read more

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Active adventure holiday at 60? Would love to!


All my life I have been fascinated with orang-utans – those gorgeous, graceful creatures with flowing orange locks and soulful brown eyes. But, having lived most of my life in the UK and Europe,... read more

On the gourmet trail: 6 edible reasons to visit Tasmania

spirit of tasmania_1

  The ultimate foodie destination, Tasmania has it all – superb seafood, meat, poultry and smallgoods, award winning wines, artisan producers, and acclaimed restaurants and cafes. Inspired by Spirit of Tasmania’s new gourmet guide,... read more

Hello London! [Backpacking over 60]


This is the second instalment of Libby’s 2006 international holiday with no plans. To see her previous blog, click here.  Hello London! We had arrived.  We went with my brother to get the car... read more

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A taste of Scotland with Carolyn Robb!

$5,125.50 per person

Embark on a truly once-in-a-lifetime journey with former executive... read more

Head South for Sophistication and Charm

from $4,625 per person, twin-share per person

  Enter an era of refinement, sophistication and good... read more

Tick incredible India off your bucket list with these package deals…

$1,689 per person

Adventure World has some incredible trips to India on... read more

Off the shelf pension products the next big thing!


There is a new generation of retirees coming through, with larger superannuation balances than ever before and it is changing the way the industry looks at pension products.  Many people fail to realise that... read more

The perks of being a retiree: What exactly are you entitled to?


Retiring is something everyone does. Some of us do it with fabulous plans in place to grey nomad or explore the world, some of us do it with an... read more

Big banks bending over backwards for dementia sufferers


On August 1 this year, we will no longer have the privilege of signing for purchases made on credit cards and banks lock down on their security systems and... read more

Are you SKIing through retirement proudly?

grey nomads starts ats ixty

  Ever hear the phrase, SKI-ing or “spending the kids inheritance” and either cringed a little or felt a ripple of excitement frisson through you!  It used to be,... read more

Would you go guarantor to your child’s home loan?

Money home loan

Did you know that with a little help from mum and dad, your kids can potentially borrow up to a 100% of a property’s value, without a cent of... read more


Yes, I would read another book by this author

The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron Available for $18.90 via Booktopia. Visiting Paris as an eight year old... read more


This is definitely for the forensically inclined…

Concealed in Death by J D Robb Concealed in Death is available via Booktopia for $23.95 A billionaire, Roarke, is... read more


A warm, compassionate, compelling and enjoyable read

Family Secrets by Liz Byrski Family Secrets is available via Booktopia for $23.95 “HAWKINS, Gerald Arthur Passed peacefully at... read more


Before 50 Shades of Grey there was the Skye O’Malley series

Skye O’Malley by Beatrice Small is available via Booktopia for $18.50 Disclaimer here first…  Bertrice Small is my absolute... read more

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The ultimate Beatles trivia quiz! How well do you know your favourite band?

Young Beatles

  We all love the Beatles here at Starts at 60… But how well do you really know them? Find out with this awesome Beatles trivia quiz! Grab a pen and paper, and write... read more

Morgan Freeman using helium will make you smile

morgan freeman

He doesn't say much, the things Morgan Freeman does say when using helium on this Tonight Show edition with Jimmy Fallon will certainly make you smile. Enjoy! read more

The new Facebook tool that is actually useful!

Like button Facebook

Facebook has a new tool that is one of the first things to be actually useful on our favourite social media site. The tool is called ‘Save‘ and it... read more

50 Shades of Grey trailer arrives

50 shades

  In the knowledge that millions and millions of copies have sold in Australia, many of you will be interested to see the trailer that was released last night... read more

Teaching our Daughters and Granddaughters how men should treat them…

Daddy Daughter

Have you ever thought about what your Granddaughter’s first date would be like? Who will it be with? How will they treat her? Will she be respected? This Dad... read more

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Working for the dole – Will it work?

work for dole

  There is three ways of looking at the Work for the Dole scheme being brought in by the Government, and I guess it is often how it affects the individual as to how... read more

One party too many?

cyclist party

  Australia has long had some bizarre entries into the world of politics with our interesting and unusual parties… We have the Australian Sex Party, the Australian Fishing and... read more

A world paying our respect in beautiful ways


In great tragedy we see amazing things.  When the world came apart in September 11 it brought a lot of people closer.  And this week, the as the bodies... read more

Your say: Is this some honest politics for once?


  In the last week, we’ve heard quite a lot about the championing of medicinal marijuana for terminally ill patients in the media. Mainly by the New South Wales... read more

Your say: Should police seize mobiles after car accidents

daily mail

In the UK, Police have come out overnight and said that they will seize all mobile phones after car crashes in a bid to crackdown on drivers calling and... read more

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Steamy slow cooker chocolate pudding


  Feel like something that is warm and totally delicious? Then this chocolate pudding is perfect for you! Ingredients  Puddings 1 cup Flour (Plain) 3/4 cup Brown Sugar firmly packed 2 tbsp Cocoa 2 tsp Baking Powder 1/4 tsp Salt 1/2 cup Milk 2 tbsp Oil (canola) 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract Chocolate fudge sauce 3/4 cup Brown Sugar firmly packed 2 tbsp Cocoa … read more

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What to wear over white pants this Spring


I had a moment of sudden realisation today… We are four weeks away from Spring! I’ve always been a warm weather girl and one thing I get so excited for is the clothes. There’s nothing more chic than wearing a pair of crisp white pants topped with a vibrant, loose-fitting … read more

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What is in the shoebox?


  A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other, except that the little old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had cautioned … read more

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Win tickets to the Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival

The Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival is just around the corner! And Starts at 60 have two double passes... read more

SolAria Show

Win tickets to the spellbinding SolAria at Jupiters on the Gold Coast!

Escape the winter blues with SolAria – An International Spectacular playing now at Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast!... read more

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Alzheimer’s Australia Memory Walk & Jog

The Alzheimer’s Australia Memory Walk and Jog is just around the corner. The walk began as a small community... read more

Cooly rocks on

Cooly Rocks On! [Australia's largest nostalgia festival]

Do you love the 50s and 60s? Do you miss the dancing, the music, the cars, the clothes, the... read more

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Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ greatest song?

This popular song was recorded by The Four Seasons and released as a single in 1964. In 2010,... read more


The first time we met the new Bond in 1973…

What was the first Bond movie that Roger Moore performed in? And what year was it released? ... read more