0 Cowboy Boots

Boot scootin’ baby

I just have to tell you about my experience boot scooting. At 60 years of age I wanted to learn how to do line dancing so I[...]

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0 spring-cleaning-image

DIY: 5 Non-toxic cleaning product recipes

Your drain clogged? Your kitchen counter need a good scrub? Set aside your usual cleaning products filled with chemicals and toxins. Instead, try cleaning with natural,[...]

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0 Beer_taps

No longer a drinking problem!

Now and again University researchers actually do come up with a project which has clear public benefits and I am delighted to report that Griffith University[...]

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0 Mature Woman having relaxing massage

Wish Upon A Medi-Spa – a guide to picking the best medi-spa treatments for your 60+ needs

Have you ever wondered what a medi-spa has to offer you in your 60s? For many, the concept of going to a medi-spa may be new[...]

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178 joehockey

Has Joe Hockey done something right?

This year the budget has been surrounded in so much doom and gloom. Pick up any newspaper and you’ll read about just how awful it will[...]

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Let’s not forget the honour, but also not forget the fight and horror of war

As Anzac Day has just passed, I find myself with mixed feelings about the remembrance of those who died in War. Naturally, I honour and respect[...]

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Anzac Day coverage from around the world

Today, the 25th of April 2015, marks the 100th anniversary of the first Anzacs landing in Gallipoli, Turkey in 1915. Ever since, we have commemorated the[...]

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Popular soft drink company to remove potentially dangerous sweetener from drinks

Whether you’re a Coca Cola drinker, or you enjoy Pepsi, you’ll know that these drinks aren’t good for you, but they are refreshing. And if we[...]

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Tony Abbott speaks out again over upcoming Bali nine executions

It’s been over a month since Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were transferred to Cilacap near Java, Indonesia, to await their executions for attempting to smuggle[...]

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0 130415_shock_woman

Never ask someone to guess your age!

A woman decides to have a facelift for her 50th birthday. She spends $15,000 and feels pretty good about the results. On her way home, she stops[...]

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Caring for your winter comforts

As the temperature drops over the next few weeks, many of us will start to reach for our doonas, hot water bottles, and warm winter woolies.[...]

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If you eat your steak like this, you could suffer from premature ageing!

Growing up in Queensland, steak was always on the menu. A good steak and salad dinner was on offer at least once a week and while[...]

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292 140415_simple_dinner_fork

From pigeon pie to pavlova: Mum’s cooking in the 60s

Dinner time in Australia in the 50s and 60s was very much a meat-and-three-veg fare. Meat was overcooked and vegetables were baked or steamed to slops.[...]

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Keeping the Anzac spirit alive in our family

Nervous excitement was building up inside as I walked around the yard picking flowers from the shrubs: red hibiscus, yellow allamandas, and whatever else we could[...]

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Travelling to extremes at 60

When planning our trip to Tibet at 60 years old, we decided to contact my husband’s doctor to make sure we would not encounter any problems with[...]

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The ANZAC tradition suffers another blow

Australians, let us rejoice that the Emu and the Cassowary can now hold their proud Aussie heads even higher with the welcome news that they are not[...]

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My memories and snapshots of Anzac Day

When I think of Anzac Day, I see little vignettes: My great Uncle Jack never marched on Anzac Day even though he was a Military Medal[...]

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81 organised

Downsizing can make you happier, healthier and wealthier… Why haven’t you done it?

Some people seem to think that downsizing is a part of the ageing process that they don’t want to go through. It’s often seen as a[...]

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Live your dream where the country meets the city at Opal Gardens!

Opal Gardens sets the scene for pleasure and leisure. Do as much or as little as you wish and enjoy hassle free living in an harmonious[...]

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Now could be the best time for you to retire overseas… So would you do it?

Right now, the Aussie dollar is significantly lower than it has been in quite some time. The struggling economy and weak dollar means that things may[...]

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186 Swiping Credit Card

Could you live without cash?

Could you live in a cash-less world and trust the use of technology, microchips, computers and cards to do everything for you? Because that’s the kind[...]

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Do you need to update your Will?

Estate planning is really about peace of mind and making sure that your assets are distributed to your beneficiaries, in accordance with your wishes. A Will[...]

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Hold onto your bowsers: Petrol prices won’t get cheaper

Christmas time late last year saw petrol prices fall to a 10-year low of around $1 a litre, and lately it seems they have plateaued at around[...]

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Term deposits aren’t the answer and they aren’t free!

I know that this interest rate reductions send shivers down the spine of those on fixed income, however this does not have to be the case.[...]

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Calls for the government to reduce super fund fees

It’s not often talked about, and moreover, there’s not much you can do about it, but superannuation funds are taking $21 billion away from Australian every[...]

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0 computer

11 of the best computer tips for baby boomers

There are so many tiny tricks and tips that can make using a computer so much easier. Here are 11 tricks that anyone can – and should[...]

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Awesome news for Rolling Stones fans!

The Rolling Stones captured our hearts and ears in the 70s and have proved to be one of the best bands of all time. But as[...]

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How to deal with Helen Mirren’s biggest body insecurity

Dame Helen Mirren has to be one of the most glamorous, chic and elegant over 60s in the media – no matter what she is doing[...]

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29 Single Older Female traveller

Top hacks for solo female travellers

We don’t want to make you paranoid of travelling alone as a female but there are a few other things to consider when embarking on solo[...]

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Would you be willing to trust technology more than humans if your life depended on it?

In this day and age, and with the technology we have, it’s still shocking to think that crashes, whether they are in the air or on[...]

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What not to pack for your cruise 

You probably think you’ve got your packing basics figured out: pack light and bring versatile items. This is all true and important, however, do the same rules[...]

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28 240415_present_gift_hands

How would you like to receive this for Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there’s no time like[...]


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4 pacific isands

Enjoy an 8-night tropical Escape from just $1,045!

Want to get away this year for a short,[...]


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2 shanghai-588283_640

The two places you should stay when visiting Shanghai!

On your next stop over or trip to Shanghai,[...]


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0 Sailing to the Balearic Islands,  Majorca, Minorca.  an archipel

Explore the most beautiful European coastline with a cruise!

Right now, there’s a massive cruise sale on with[...]


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