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George, you are a great man!

Irene, the town gossip, and self appointed monitor of the local church’s morals, kept sticking her nose into other peoples’ business. Several members did not approve[...]

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0 our community cares featured

Our Community Cares: Selling property

This week, community member June McLaren wrote to us, asking for some community advice: I would like to ask if anyone has sold a property online without[...]

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The best pets of the internet

We’ve all had a pet at some stage in our lives and there’s no denying how much joy they can bring us. For some pre-Easter fun,[...]

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Ask a Leyland brother

We were excited to see so many Starts at 60 readers at Mal Leyland’s book launch at Living Gems Ruby Gardens Resort yesterday. The event was[...]

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177 royal family

About time? A member of the Royal Family just got a real day job…

According to Pedestrian.tv, one of the Royal Family has just announced that they’re finally joining the rat race and getting a real job! When we say[...]

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PUP makes expensive work of Lazarus and Lambie’s resignations

According to the ABC, the Palmer United Party has announced it is suing former members Glen Lazarus and Jacqui Lambie to reclaim the money spent on[...]

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Joni Mitchell in intensive care

TMZ has just reported that singer songwriter Joni Mitchell has been admitted to hospital and rushed to the intensive care unit at a Los Angeles hospital[...]

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Policy is not that important to voters anymore

The recent New South Wales, Queensland and even Federal elections have rattled governments and oppositions, with minority parties picking up significant seats with only a soapbox[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Complete change to age pension plus new gift scheme from 1 July 2015

In some breaking news this morning, we are just in awe. Starts at 60 has exclusively been able to confirm that the age pension will completely change from[...]

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19 Gender symbol icons on green background.

Your say: Equality milestone for Sweden; is Australia set to follow?

The Swedish dictionary is set to formally incorporate the pronoun hen alongside hon (she) and han (he) to describe a person who is either transgender or does not[...]

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Could swearing be good for your health?

Whether you’re a saint or a swearer, you’re probably guilty of letting a tabooed word slip at some point in your life – and it may[...]

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Getting married over and over again

It is easy to look in on someone else’s life during the tumultuous period of divorce and the choices they make afterwards and make judgements about[...]

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84 190215_recordplayer_records_

Blasts from the past – yesteryear’s stars still with us

Who released an album in 2009 at the extraordinary age of 92 that shot to the top of the British charts? She achieved the distinction of[...]

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Little Miss Thong

Thong bikini-clad contestants sashay down the catwalk, stopping every now and then to wiggle their hips in time to the thumping dance music. The crowd clap[...]

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My weight loss journey: a minor setback

This is part two of Pat’s weight loss journey that she is sharing with us. To read her previous blog, click here. Each week she will document her progress as you[...]

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Flying has become a pain in my 60s!

Let me say right up front, I have always loved flying. Whereas my mother is terrified by the simple idea of it, I have revelled in[...]

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Writing your memoirs at 60

I have always thought I would like to write my memoirs when I got to 60 years old, but then I wonder who would actually be interested[...]

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35 car_happy_retired

We need to realise there is no golden age or time for retirement

Three weeks ago a dear friend was made redundant. She had planned on working full time for about another six months before retiring yet this new[...]

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Live an active and exciting life at Ruby Gardens!

Living Gems’ Ruby Gardens Resort is the place for active over 50s with a zest for life. This residential resort makes many dreams come true by[...]

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I wasn’t prepared for this part of retirement…

The day I retired was so exciting. I went to work that day with a smile on my face and after some goodbyes, a cake and[...]

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11 281014_Woman_Phone_creditcard_Edited

BPAY could be charging you extra without you realising

Anyone who has paid a bill online or at the post office will know what BPAY is – it’s the bill pay system that allows you[...]

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Is the stock market getting too hot?

The front page of The Financial Review this morning shows the ANZ Chairman, David Gonski, cautioning investors against chasing high yielding stocks like his own company.[...]

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Retirees’ lump sum super payments could soon end

If you’re entering retirement or considering it soon, this is big news for you, and not necessarily good news either. According to SMH, Treasury executive director[...]

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Over 65s lose while the wealthy win… again

It is probably no surprise that the higher income earners in Australia are the winners from recent rate cuts but a report out yesterday points out that[...]

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New pension rates as of 20 March 2015 released

The age pension will be increasing slightly on the 20th March 2015 in line with quarterly indexation. The disability support pension and carer payment rates will[...]

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12 Tablet PC - Senior Couple Laughing

Hilarious April Fools Day pranks from your favourite brands!

Today we had a little bit of April Fools fun with our beautiful, loyal and wonderful readers in the form of a funny article… While most[...]

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Helen Mirren rocks the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Starts at 60 favourite, Helen Mirren, was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night and it was fantastic fun. The classy actress[...]

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Telcos to finally start listening to consumers

Infamously known as ‘Vodafail’, Australian service provider Vodafone has finally conceded that their service needs to change and that they aim to be Australia’s favourite telco[...]

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80 Singapore city skyline at night

Travel Guide: The Best of Singapore

Touted as the ultra-modern, almost futuristic hub of Asia, Singapore may be small in stature but it really packs a punch when it comes to the holiday[...]

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The most epic European Road Trip plan… by algorithm

One of the worlds most famous artificial intelligence and rich data PHD candidates, Randy Olson has stripped back the best and most loved destinations in Europe to make[...]

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How to pack a light carry-on bag

If you’re just traveling domestically, you may be able to squeeze all your stuff in your carry-on bag. It’ll save you the expense of checking a[...]

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2 Highlights of Spain and Portugal

Explore Spain and Portugal with an incredible 13-day tour!

Explore Spain and Madrid with this fantastic 13 day[...]


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1 Germany

15-night Bohemian tour through Europe’s most interesting corner

Thanks to Escape Travel you have the chance to[...]


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1 serenastill-004

Win one of 10 DVD copies of the post-depression era film, Serena!

Following the huge success of Silver Linings Playbook and[...]

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Amazing guided tour of Britain on sale now!

Enjoy an incredibly eight day guided holiday through beautiful[...]


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