9 Pills in hand

Parkinson’s, anti-depression drugs’ surprise mood effects

A recent trial of common drugs used to treat Parkinson’s and depression has shown that not only do they treat the medical problem, they have an[...]

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143 iStock_000018924750_Tony Abbott

Let’s talk: Guess who’s getting an internet upgrade?

The suburbs included in the next rollout of the National Broadband Network were announced last week and there were two notable suburbs included in the list. Tony[...]

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25 frances_mcdormand

Frances McDormand shares her awesome thoughts on ageing

We know her from her big roles in Fargo, Mississippi Burning and Almost Famous, but she is one of the more humble and gracious celebrities. Frances McDormand[...]

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8 solar impulse Hawaii

They made it! Plane crosses the Pacific with no fuel

This is the moment a privately-owned plane made history by touching down safely in Hawaii. After five gruelling days jammed into a tiny cockpit, pilot Andre[...]

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10 Duracell

Watch this beautiful and clever 4th of July ad by Duracell

The 4th of July, a day for America to celebrate their independence, also happens to be a day for brands to showcase their brilliant advertisements. This year[...]

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Should this deadly milk be banned all together?

There is to be a crackdown on the sale of “deadly” milk, which is being sold as “bath milk” by suppliers who claim their customers use[...]

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Rival players arm-in-arm as the MCG falls silent

It was a heartbreaking moment of unity after a tough match; rival players forgot their differences and threaded their teams together  to stand, arm-in-arm in support[...]

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Robin Williams forever remembered

Many are still mourning the death of Robin Williams, and San Francisco has stood up and listened to a public plea to honour the comedian and movie[...]

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Now that’s freaky: the secret skills of spiders

Floating around on the Beagle, miles from shore, Charles Darwin observed spiders as they wafted on a breeze and onto the ship and was perplexed. How[...]

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33 240615_ladder_climb

Poor Paddy

Paddy and Murphy were contracted to repair a roof so Paddy got ladder against the side of the house and climbed up to the roof. Suddenly,[...]

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Hate being on hold? Here’s how to get through to a real person every time

Are you sick of the endless loop of automated messages you get whenever you try to call a business or government department? You’re definitely not alone! It[...]

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Everything you need to know about online shopping you were too afraid to ask

Online shopping is gaining more and more popularity, with 7.6 million Australians buying one or more products every month online. But if you missed the boat on[...]

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57 Greenfield IN

Making it happen: My solo nomad trip will soon come true

Over the past couple of weeks I have been pondering my future direction. I am at a point in my life where all my children have[...]

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Christmas in July

Make hay while the sun shines. This saying dates back to Medieval times, when peasants were busy binding, hedging, ploughing, sowing, thatching and generally toiling on[...]

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My weight loss journey: It’s never too late to put yourself first

When I started writing this blog over three months ago I felt sure that I would be able to keep up with it. What I didn’t[...]

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The Misadventure of Adventure: Flights of fancy

Part of the real joy of being this glorious age is having the time and the finances to travel. I encourage all to travel now and travel[...]

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She made sponges once: The story of a woman admired by all

In a pristine kitchen she used to make up to 30 light and delicious sponges a day. Especially if it was for a special occasion. A wedding[...]

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4 190615_happy_couple

How to live the life you always wanted over 60

Thanks to the improvements in medicine and the development of modern, state of the art, hospitals, living a long and happily fulfilled life is now very possible.[...]

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Everything you need to know about retiring overseas

There are more and more Australians retiring overseas every year in search of a better retirement lifestyle. Between 2007 and 2012 the Australian government had a[...]

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The road to retirement

Retirees Bill and Gitta Malkin planned their future carefully but as their journey continued, the route changed. The destination is very much to their satisfaction, how[...]

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2 Feel the wind in your hair

Bucket list…. But what about a Bucket Plan?

A wag once quipped that the best financial plan is one where you die with your last $5 still in your pocket. Well, if you are[...]

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How to make your home more energy efficient – without spending a cent

While there is no shortage of ways to improve your energy efficiency, many solutions – solar panels, insulation, new appliances – require a great deal of[...]

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What you need to know about pension changes effective July 1

There has been a lot of discussion of late about the pension and changes to the asset test. But it can be hard to work out[...]

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12 ways to save money whilst on a pension or low income

It can be hard when you’re on a pension to see people your own age having fabulous trips and going travelling all over the place. They[...]

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Talking financial advice

The big questions about money when facing retirement are often ones we don’t like asking out loud.  So today we asked the team at MLC what[...]

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16 Hugh_Jackman_by_Gage_Skidmore_2

Now Hugh wouldn’t want to cuddle that?

He may be back on home turf, but our favourite leading man is playing tourist as he visits Australia with his family. Hugh Jackman, along with his[...]

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Anna Wintour shows her softer side (and WOW she looks good doing it)

It’s not often we catch a smile from Vogue boss Anna Wintour but she flashed a few pearlers yesterday as she attended Wimbledon. She even broke into a[...]

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Sesame Street losing much-loved character

Sonia Manzano, who played Maria on the classic TV show Sesame Street for 44 years, has announced that she is leaving the show. On the show[...]

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31 travel alerts

These are the most dangerous places to travel to today

Summer in the northern hemisphere is prime holiday time and not just for sun-starved Brits. We Aussies also love making the most of milder climes in[...]

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The Great Wall of China isn’t what it used to be

The Great Wall of China, one of the world’s most famous landmarks, is breaking up and in some instances has disappeared, according to a recent survey.[...]

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Are you too old to stay in hostels?

Did you backpack around Europe in your late teens on $10 a day staying in hostels and camp sites? Would you consider staying in hostels now[...]

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3 motorbikes - motorcycle grand prix

The perfect gift for the MotoGP fan in your life

Whether you’re an avid MotoGP enthusiast, know one, or[...]


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10 the-unique-you

The fashion website every woman needs to know about! Discount inside.

There’s a secret that we need to share with[...]

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0 australian-open-tennis

Secure your place at the 2016 Australian Open with this awesome travel deal!

If you’ve wanted to experience the thrill of the[...]


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10 bali-237196_640

Fly to Bali on a budget with this incredible travel deal!

Looking for a relaxing, inexpensive holiday abroad? Escape Travel’s[...]


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