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Consumers boycott Aussie brands

For the past few weeks, tensions between consumers and humble brands have bubbled over, with the past few days reaching breaking point. Cadbury is the latest target in[...]

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53 Child pill

Is it a behavioural or mental issue? I just want my grandson to get better…

I’m a grandmother, and a proud one at that. I have 4 grandchildren, but the one I worry about the most is my youngest. My daughter[...]

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33 Overweight obese weight

Are we normalising obesity?

Yesterday the National Transport Commission called for an increase in busload capacity throughout Australia from 16 tonnes to 18 tonnes. Why? Because quite simply, we’re too[...]

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Fast cars and young men: my ride in a Lamborghini!

How many times in a life do you get the chance to drive in a very fast sports car, with a young man slightly older than[...]

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Abbott government pushes for another cut to our money

The new budget is the budget that just keeps on taking. Today it has been made clear that the Abbott government wants to abolish the Seniors[...]

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Big news for A Place to Call Home!

We know that many people here are passionate about the drama series A Place to Call Home with our support of the recent petition being rapturously[...]

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Could this be the answer to our retirement living questions?

The majority of us will change our lifestyle and living arrangements as we get older. But, many of us struggle to find the right option for[...]

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Jacqui Lambie wants to ban the burqa and break the constitution

In news that almost certainly wont shock any Australian, Jacqui Lambie has done something a little crazy… Again. It was revealed today that she will be introducing[...]

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Can you afford another government expense?

According to the Daily Mail, it was announced today at a conference that from November 10 the government will be giving fuel companies an additional tax[...]

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4 CostcoMoncton

Eight unexpected things you can get from Costco

Costco is the giant American retailer that has hit Australian shores. There are now massive warehouses in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and[...]

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Someone we can all learn a lesson from…

Thanks to Apia, each month we have the opportunity to award a member of the Starts at 60 community who we admire for being a local[...]

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A panda walks into a bar

A panda walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a sandwich. He eats, pulls out a gun, and shoots the waiter dead. As the panda[...]

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With love from Lagos….

I’m trying my best not to get too excited but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. And mixed with this rampant excitement is a mortifying fear that the[...]

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To go or not to go: calling a toilet, a toilet

This is about the shortest piece I’’ve ever written for Starts at Sixty, but it’’s something that needs to be said, nonetheless! It’’s something that really[...]

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Music of the night: the haunting saxophone and laughter on the streets

There is no sound as sweet as the mellow tone of a saxophone drifting across the chilly air, playing the music of ballroom dancing. When I[...]

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Seventeen and sixpence – my first job

This was the princely sum I earned in my first job – I thought I was fabulously wealthy. My pocket money was five shillings a week,[...]

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Age ain’t nothing but a number

I’ve only recently learned of the sad passing of Melbourne woman Marjorie Hemmerde last year at the grand old age of 106. Yes, a jolly good[...]

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247 active seniors hiking

What legacy will you leave?

What’s your attitude to money in retirement? Are you spending the kids’ inheritance (SKIing) or do you want to leave behind a legacy that will power[...]

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Got a zest for life? Ruby Gardens is for you!

Living Gems Ruby Gardens Resorts is the place for active over 50s with a zest for life. This residential resort makes many dreams come true by making[...]

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The five things retirement living teaches you

The way we think about retirement living has huge impacts on how we make decisions about our retirement future. And for many of us right now, we[...]

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Beating the scammers at their own game

How many times have you received a call from someone you didn’t know? Probably plenty. If you’ve ever been called from someone pretending to be from a[...]

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Selling up just to get by in retirement

Retirement can come to us in so many different ways: we can be expecting it and planning it, or we can sort of fall into it.[...]

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Big ticket savings – four simple ideas you should consider in retirement

For your whole life, you have been working hard, and now your retirement is here, and you’re ready to start living it.  For some there is[...]

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Retirement: reality vs. expectations

Do you remember what you thought of retirement before you took the leap? Were you full of relief and excitement? And now that you are retired,[...]

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This could save you thousands in retirement… So why aren’t you doing it?

Retirement living has many perks – more time, less expenses, more fun, more options and fewer restrictions. But, there is another advantage to retirement living that[...]

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138 hobbit

Air New Zealand officially has the best safety demonstration video!

There is nothing like a hilarious aircraft safety video and after releasing a new one last week, Air New Zealand is taking the cake for the[...]

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GIVEAWAY: The Grumpy Old Women present: Fifty Shades of Beige

Back to knock some sense back into the nation, THE GRUMPY OLD WOMEN return with their brand spanking new show FIFTY SHADES OF BEIGE! These outrageous[...]

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Neil Diamond reveals true meaning behind famous song

Sweet Caroline wasn’t even about Caroline at all – at least that’s what Neil Diamond says! The beloved crooner revealed this week that his most famous[...]

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Experience Europe with Emirates

Heading overseas? You may know where you want to go and when but do you know who you want to fly with? Choosing an airline can[...]

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Window seat, what window seat?

When we fly, most of us have a preference as to which seat we choose to sit in – some like the aisle for that extra[...]

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A revolutionary way for travellers to socialise and dine…

Imagine walking into a neighbourhood in a new place that you haven’t been before, looking for an address you were given by someone you have never[...]

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2 Hobart Harbour Yacht Gallery

Escape the heat and head down south!

As we head into the warmer months, head south[...]


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27 swanlake1

Win tickets to Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

Winner of 30 international awards, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake[...]

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GIVEAWAY – The Code: Season One

Stretching from the spectacular red desert of Australia’s outback[...]

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A short break with culture, history and entertainment…

if you want a short break with a gentle[...]


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