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Ricky Muir delivers rousing maiden speech; calls out government for not living in the real world

He was the butt of plenty of jokes when he was a wildcard addition to the Senate, but there’s more to Ricky Muir than meets the[...]

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27 Singapore_SingaporeAirlines_forStartsAtSixty

Most friendly non-Islamic destination for Muslims is not Australia

We pride ourselves on being a multicultural country but it seems that we are not so welcoming to those of a particular faith: Islam. In a[...]

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184 Prince_Charles_2012

Prince Charles thinks his in-laws see George more than him

He became a grandfather two years ago and is set to become one a second time within months, but it seems that Prince Charles isn’t the[...]

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Go get a job: the Intergenerational Report tells baby boomers to get back to work for the good of the nation

Yesterday, the much awaited Intergenerational Report was released and it drew a lot of discussion and criticism. It created a snapshot of the next 40 years[...]

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46 020215_pill_placebo_glass

Common painkiller taken to court by the ACCC… Do you use it?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is taking a well known and widely used painkiller brand to court over their misleading advertising. According to the Daily Mail,[...]

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Was this the final option being exhausted?

Over night it was revealed that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop made an eleventh hour plea for a prisoner swap – offering expatriation of three convicted Indonesian[...]

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Know these products are safe past the use-by date for less waste and more savings!

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to some kind of food, only to find that it is passed the use-by date when you pick it up.[...]

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Pensioners mount retirement industry fight

Is it time for a review of the retirement industry? 14 residents of Willow Lodge Over 50s Resort in Melbourne think so and have mounted a challenge[...]

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Do you live in one of the most expensive cities in the world?

Australia is a wonderful country. The most part of the population have food, water, shelter, support, health care and welfare if we need it. But having[...]

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53 Grandparenting - Starts at sixty

How often we see our grandkids shouldn’t matter, but this should…

Yesterday I saw a post on the Starts at 60 Facebook page about someone not seeing their grandchildren enough. At first I felt sadness for them[...]

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Sweet potato fries

Next time you get a craving for chips, reach for this delicious (and much healthier) alternative instead. Try dipping them in aioli, or your favourite sauce. Baking:[...]

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The old dog

Two elderly Irishmen, Paddy and Mick, were in a bar enjoying a drink. An old retriever dog was in the corner of the bar licking his[...]

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31 270215_sex_phone_addiction

Sex addiction? What sex addiction?

Whenever I hear about the latest male celebrity being treated for sex addiction, I ask myself the simple question: what the hell is sex addiction? It[...]

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The not-so secret agent: what I learnt about the publishing industry the easy way

In 2011, I completed a narrative non-fiction book on a controversial, 19th century criminal case. The events in The Water Doctor’s Daughters take place in France[...]

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The secret to growing really old!

Scotland’s oldest woman Jessie Gallan, who turned 109 in January, believes the secret to living to a spritely old age is to eat plenty of porridge[...]

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Would you rather be right than happy?

We were having an enjoyable lunch by the sea, the soft breeze gently blowing our hair and a feeling of euphoria following a glass of wine[...]

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Into the Yucatan [Not So S.O.F.T.]

This is the next instalment of Champagne Dame’s time in Mexico. To view the previous post, click here And then the dreaded sicknesses began. One month[...]

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115 171214_woman_walk_woods

I wish I’d done these things before retiring…

When I made the decision to retire, it sort of just happened. One year I realised I had enough put away to enjoy a comfortable life[...]

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Have the time of your life in a lifestyle resort

Most of us remember the game we played in school: how old will you be in 2000, 2010 (or whatever seemed the most distant date then).[...]

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Semi-retirement – try before you buy

For those people who love their job, retirement is often something to be feared and resisted. Here’s how Fred approached this challenge… Fred owned his own[...]

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53 120215_money_calculate_seniors

How much do you need to retire modestly?

Not everyone will retire with buckets of self-managed superannuation. In fact, many of today’s baby boomers are likely to be somewhat dependent on the Age Pension[...]

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You may have personal insurance protection, but what about your children?

When it comes to protecting ourselves and our families financially against accident, illness and injury, Australians can sometimes take a ‘she’ll be right’ approach – and[...]

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What is a safe amount to spend each year in retirement to make sure your Super doesn’t run out?

The average retiree in Australia is sadly struggling with a much lower super balance than the amount recommended by Australian Superannuation Fund Association and more than[...]

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The toughest time to retire is right now

Global interest rates are as low as they have ever been. According to the latest Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) data, in the US, UK and[...]

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The best kept banking secret for retirees

Last week’s interest rate cut has plenty of over 60s scrambling for ways to reposition their assets for higher returns, and in our investigations we have[...]

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7 030315_ikea

IKEA unveils new wireless charging furniture line

IKEA is about to become more than an affordable homewares company – the Swedish furniture giant has recently unveiled a new plan to introduce wireless charging pads on[...]

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You won’t believe which 72-year-old TV star is the highest paid in the world…

She’s been an afternoon staple on TV programs around the world but did you know that Judge Judith Sheindlin is the highest paid TV star on[...]

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Tragic news for Downton Abbey fans

There’s two different types of people in this world – those who don’t love Downton Abbey and those who absolutely adore it. Sadly, the show will[...]

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13 hunter valley

Five unforgettable experiences in the Hunter Valley

Famed for its world class wineries and superb countryside, the Hunter Valley is fast becoming one of Australia’s top holiday destinations. Just a few hours north[...]

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See inside Richard Branson’s hotel for female travellers only!

It’s about time there was a luxurious hotel for women only, and it looks like Virgin boss Richard Branson has come to the rescue. The new[...]

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Qantas is back on their feet… But have you been supporting them?

After the dismal loss posted by Australia’s leading airline last year, this year was a turbulent time for the organisation. However, lower fuel costs and a[...]

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4 Hamilton Island

Amazing luxury getaway in Australia’s prized location

It’s not every day that you can wake up,[...]


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13 Qantas_a380_vh-oqa_takeoff_heathrow_arp

Hurry! Australia to Singapore return flights on sale from just $599!

There’s an incredible sale on for the next two[...]


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4 Chelsea Flower Show

Visit the Chelsea Flower show with this fantastic deal!

The Chelsea Flower Show is world renowned and this[...]


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1 New York Times Square

Return flights to NYC flying Qantas from just $1,342!

For a limited time only, Qantas is offering big[...]


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