0 funny tongue

Silly photos that prove love is forever young

These images of over 60 couples will fill your heart with warmth. It just shows you are never too old to have some fun in your life.[...]

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0 golf-course-starts at sixty

The unexpected joys of golfing around the world

Some sage once remarked that the game of golf consisted of a lot of walking broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic. There are elements of[...]

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186 June 13, 2015 in London, England, UK

Imagine tea without the Queen

At 89 years old, and about to become the longest standing monarch in British history, life without our Queen seems almost unbelievable.  Yet as we head[...]

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4 110815_woman_sensitive_tooth

Why so sensitive? The causes of sensitive teeth and how to protect your smile

Do you sometimes feel a tooth twinge when you drink something hot or cold, spicy or sweet? Whether the pain goes away fast or it takes[...]

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The Form Guide just won’t be the same. Cummings dies age 87

Whether you fold it, roll it or slip it in the back pocket, the Form Guide just won’t be the same without a Bart Cummings trained[...]

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Why Medibank wants hospitals to be more accountable for mistakes…

It’s not surprising and rather nice to know that our large and quite heated discussion at Starts at 60 saw the Chief Medical Officer of Medibank contact[...]

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Could money made from drugs stop the ice epidemic?

It’s something many of us may not stop and think about but it’s an interesting question nonetheless: where does the money from crime go once it’s[...]

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Has Australia finally had enough of nonsense policies?

Yesterday’s Operation Fortitude debacle proved the power of public backlash and protest. And now, the morning after, Australian people and officials alike have some powerful opinions to share. The[...]

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Kevin Rudd: ex-PM, ex-Foreign Affairs Minister, current CNN host?!

An interesting choice for a guest host for one of CNN’s most viewed shows, Amanpour, Kevin Rudd took over the reins last night in London whilst[...]

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38 iStock_000014317552_Full_doilies

Four ways to recycle old doilies that you’ve never thought of

If you’re like me, you have a pile of old beautiful crochet doilies at the back of a linen cupboard deep in the depths of your[...]

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The best Fathers Day gifts you never thought of

Whether it’s for your own father, your husband or your son, Fathers’ Day is a special occasion… so if you’re stumped, we’ve got you covered no[...]

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Could you be a Starts at 60 Community Correspondent? Or a Meet-up leader? We want you!

Have you ever wondered whether you could play a bigger role in Starts at 60?  Well, we’re inviting you to apply today.  We are growing quickly[...]

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6 290715_emc2_einstein

Sense, sensibility and science are not mutually exclusive!

In 1905, an obscure Patent Clerk (Third Class) in the Swiss Government Patent Office in Bern was given a particularly severe Annual Performance Review by his[...]

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Opportunity knocks: How I scored four clothing items for $8.75

Loving clothes and being poor as a church mouse can be a difficult combination. Yet I can wear some really fantastic designer threads and dress up[...]

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Every community needs a local services club

Have you ever performed voluntary service in your community, belonged to Lions, Rotary, Freemasons or any of the other ‘service’ clubs with which our towns and[...]

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Police vs drug dealers: Is there an end in sight?

Every day lately there are news reports about drug dealers being raided, huge quantities of ice and other drugs being found, and lots and lots of[...]

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I’m a loser, I admit it.

I’m a loser. I admit it. I’m a loser and the record speaks for itself. I was a cross country runner in secondary school. I finished[...]

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5 living-gems-bowling

How to make the most of your zest for life

What does an active lifestyle mean to you? To some, it’s all about the variety: the chance to enjoy as many lively activities as possible. For[...]

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The best kept secret in caring for older parents

As our parents or other loved ones grow older, their ability to remain in the family home, coping well, is sometimes challenged. Illness, isolation, physical injury,[...]

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How to have a test retirement (and why it’s a great idea)

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a spin or move into a new home before you’d spent some time gazing through the windows[...]

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2 170815_sell_business

Tips to sell your business so you can retire wealthy

When you talk to other people about selling your business, you will get plenty questions like, why? How much? What are you going to do now?[...]

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Half Australia’s pension bill gouged by super fees

This week’s National Reform Summit revealed a shocking figure that is undermining Australian’s efforts to fund themselves during retirement. According to John Daley, chief executive of[...]

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Tony Abbott urged to ditch his “captain’s call” on super

Yesterday’s National Reform Summit turned-up the heat on Tony Abbott to ditch his “captain’s call” to never increase taxes on superannuation. The summit promised to focus on[...]

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Where do you think equity markets are headed? Take our poll

The Australian Stockmarket has closed down 4%, currencies have fallen and the US market Dow Jones futures are down 330 points going into the open later[...]

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Curing the ‘Not Enough to Retire Blues’

The Not Enough to Retire blues – [1. A terrible disease suffered by pre-retirement and early retirement persons facing life with a smaller income than they[...]

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8 Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 5.08.44 pm

Lions slips walking across waterfall and falls in

It was a beautiful sight to see this lion stepping timidly into the water next to a waterfall to cross the river in South Africa.  Step[...]

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Jeremy Clarkson’s going to be paid how much?!

It was only earlier this year that Top Gear co-host Jeremy Clarkson physically assaulted one of the show’s producers, and now, despite his appalling record, book giant-cum-production[...]

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It’s Michael Jackson’s birthday – let’s revisit his greatest moments

Even six years after his death, it’s still easy to forget Michael Jackson is no longer with us. Today the King of Pop would have turned[...]

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71 Enjoying Double-Decker Bus ride in London

Travelling alone – the way to really experience your destination

Want to take that big trip? Thinking of going on your own? Worried about the idea of going solo? There are places that we’d all love[...]

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If you think cruising is all about cocktails and cabaret, think again…

Cruising has to be one of the most luxurious holidays imaginable. The leisurely pace, the gourmet dining, Vegas style shows every evening and a cocktail or[...]

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Here’s how to stop paying for hotels and accommodation forever

Imagine being able to travel all over the world and enjoy every destination as though you were a local. Imagine staying in a beach house, a[...]

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11 New York Times Square

Kick off 2016 with an amazing New York experience

Have you been yearning to see New York for[...]


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6 gold-coast

Need a long weekend away? Here’s your chance to indulge.

  Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply[...]


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0 girls-day-out

Win a great day out full of fashion, pampering and fun!

Girls’ Day Out is a women’s lifestyle festival for[...]

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23 Sydney_Opera_House_-_Dec_2008

Travel to Sydney for a quick, indulgent and affordable getaway

Whether you’re a stranger in Sydney or know Circular[...]


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