Do you ever wonder what happened to those stars of yesterday? One day they were there and the next it was like they had dropped off the face of the earth! After investigating some of my old favourites, some really did want to live a life of obscurity after their … read more

On top of the world in the Lake District [Rogue Nomads]


…….when we did more “little” drives, “did” another scary Pass, and enjoyed “A Brief Encounter”. This is part 15 of Dee’s grey nomad adventure around Europe. To read her previous instalment, click here. Trying to beat the crowds in a popular tourist area is quite a challenge! We took a short … read more

Is texting strangers really such a bad idea?


  Is texting strangers really such a bad idea? I mean to say, it is a great way to make new friends. One does not have to join a dating site to meet people. I have been texting several males and females whom I met on this very site. It is … read more

Airdropping weapons – a bandaid on a crater


The media is awash with reports of Australia’s imminent involvement in a mass delivery of weapons to Kurdish forces that are fighting to resist the advances that are coming from the ISIL rebels in Iraq, now known as The Islamic State. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced that Australia would … read more

Studies show Alzheimer’s could be prevented or cured with marijuana

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

It seems like the miracle drug of the moment but scientists have conducted research into the benefits of cannabis use and Alzheimer’s. No, it doesn’t cause memory loss: it improves it, according to the study published in the Journal of Alheimer’s Disease by scientists from the University of South Florida. … read more

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They’re a weird mob!


Many of our people have European names and origins. As a nation, we embarked upon a worthy immigration process after the Second World War. A burgeoning, developing land, we had desperate need of population... read more

Mrs Jones and the Magic Land


Being a minister’s daughter carries many obligations. One of these was the ability to play the piano and organ. Who ever heard of a minister’s daughter who could not... read more

From one mother to another: ‘Junior’ and the war


The letters from my mother became a weekly routine for her, and some of the more excited letters were like this one where she divulges news of her first... read more

Refugees in Australia: It has been good for our past and it will be good for our future

Australian Flag - Starts at sixty

  I was asked would I speak at a rally about refugees and I readily agreed.  But before you make too many assumptions and think I am going to... read more

It’s an old place: the English countryside in pictures (Part one)

11. Old Mill House, listed in Doomsday Book, now a home!

You don’t have to travel far in England to find something old! It might be really old, like Stonehenge, it might be machinery, like steam beam-engines from the industrial... read more

Your Say: Redundancy by text message just nasty?


  Yes, that’s right folks… Australian Construction giant, Theiss allegedly has texted more than 100 workers to tell them they were to be made redundant this week.  The workers were employed at the Burton... read more

Everyone wants to live longer but noone wants to grow old


  How true is this statement… “Everyone wants to live longer, but no one wants to grow old”? In 2050, the global population over 60 years of age will... read more

11 helpful apps for seniors


If you have a smart phone but don’t have a great collection of apps, there’s plenty out there – particularly those for your health and happiness.  Daily Yoga (Apple... read more

Make your way to Europe: Our top 3 stopover destinations


Thinking about heading to Europe on your next getaway? Enjoy a break halfway at one of these popular stopover destinations. It’s the perfect chance to catch some shut-eye and... read more

Nominate an inspiring over 50 for the Apia Local Champion Award


  The Apia Local Champion Award is a monthly award being run by Starts at 60 and Apia to celebrate people living life at its best. How does it... read more

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A happy retirement is easier than you may have thought….


I’ve found a lot of happiness in my retirement. Don’t get me wrong: there are still day-to-day struggles that are very real and daunting,... read more

More women suffering health problems from “retired hubby syndrome”… Did you?

sad couple

  “It was overwhelming. When John stopped working, my life suddenly felt clustered, consumed and I didn’t know what to do. It was like... read more

Just another day in a retirement village

photo 4

  Up in the morning, leading the 6.00am aqua aerobics in one of the three heated pools is an average morning start for 75... read more

Featured Village

Aveo Cherry Tree Grove is located in the family friendly suburb of Croydon, just 30 minutes east of Melbourne’s CBD.  Aveo Cherry Tree Grove is one of Aveo’s most established villages with flourishing gardens, manicured pathways and a serene and private environment. At the... read more

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Five practical ways you can help a friend with cancer

Cancer friend support

  I had a surreal moment last week. I had been reading beautiful cancer survival stories on Daffodil Day – some brought a tear to my eye and some made me realise just how... read more

Stepping up in your 60s – 7 sure fire ways to put a spring in your step


Towards the end of winter you may be feeling as though your energy levels are depleted and you are lacking motivation. With spring just around the corner, now is... read more

Is happiness elusive?


“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened... read more

If you could turn your bad memories into good ones, would you?


  Almost everyone has experienced some kind of trauma throughout their lives. For some it is small and for others it is large but regardless of the impact, it... read more

8 ways to put a smile on your face right now


8 ways to put a smile on your face right now Sometimes we have down days but it doesn’t mean we can’t turn them around – you can improve... read more

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Chatting all the way to Uluru and back again


After a week on the road travelling to Uluru, Geoff and I have arrived at Winton for a few days. Time now to reflect on how much caffeine we’ve had, how many showgrounds/caravan parks... read more

One thousand kays in 70 days

long-distance walker

I will have the best legs in town around November this year! I’ll have the meanest, leanest ‘bod’ an older lady could wish for – but I will go completely unnoticed amongst the crowd!... read more

Getting lost can be fun! [Backpacking over 60]


This is the next instalment of Libby’s awesome European adventure… To read her previous post, click here. What a debacle that was: it took us ages to to get to Oberong, the town where... read more

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East Coast Adventure – New York City to New York City

$2172 per person

East Coast Adventure – New York City to New... read more

A taste of Scotland with Carolyn Robb!

$5,125.50 per person

Embark on a truly once-in-a-lifetime journey with former executive... read more

Head South for Sophistication and Charm

from $4,625 per person, twin-share per person

  Enter an era of refinement, sophistication and good... read more

How to give gifts without parting with too much cash


  Buying presents can be a wonderful experience but if you’re a little strapped for cash it can be something that causes stress. But, you have no need to worry because there are many... read more

Be smart with your travel money


Older Australians aren’t missing any tricks when it comes to maximising their travel budget, according to OzForex’s latest data. Retirees are the top users of pre-paid travel money cards... read more

Would you invest in your retirement this way?


  While flicking through the paper last weekend, I found an article that caught my attention. It was in the finance section and it was the words “retirement savings”... read more

How to get ten awesome things for free


  There’s nothing like getting something for free. If you’re like me, you’ll love a bargain and anything that has the words “sample”, “freebie” or “trial inside”. Well, I’ve... read more

A good financial plan will help you sleep at night


If we suddenly enjoyed a windfall financial gain, like winning the lottery, we all have pretty fanciful ideas about what we’d like to do with the money.   #175139822... read more

Sell up cover

Reddit Reddit: Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off

Reddit Reddit Sell Up, Pack Up and Take Off by Stephen Wyatt and Colleen Ryan Available for $19.50 via Booktopia ... read more


Book Week recap!

So Book Week is over for another year! Just before this week is consigned to the ether, never to... read more


Online dating becomes inescapable…

Inescapable by Saskia Walker   In our modern world, we are so entwined in our cyber worlds. We meet... read more


Reddit Reddit: Mission to Murder

Reddit Reddit Mission to Murder by Lynn Cahoon Available for $22.95 via Booktopia Jill Gardner is such a delightful... read more

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Best free game apps for over 60s


If you told me 10 years ago, or even 5, that I’d be glued to my phone, I wouldn’t have believed you! Now, I can’t live without my iPhone – I’m switched on and... read more

Men ageing gracefully – Who’s your favourite Silver Fox?

silver foxes1

A poll of over 1000 people in the UK has revealed something we probably already knew… That George Clooney is a “Silver Fox”…   the sexiest ageing star in... read more

Bring back your vinyl with new technology


Do you have a giant record collection from your decades of music listening and thought the days of listening to them long gone? Well… apparently they aren’t – there’s... read more

Daaaarrrliinng! Remembering the Jeanne Little we knew


I was saddened today to read that this talented, lovely woman is now so severely affected by Alzheimer’s she no longer knows what happening around her. Do you remember... read more

Our thoughts are with Joan Rivers

joan rivers

Our thoughts are with Joan Rivers today following reports that she is in critical condition in a New York Hospital after a suggested cardiac arrest during a simple vocal... read more

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“Mum’s little helper” was the opposite…

tea cup

  Val Monaghan wrote to us today following a Herald Sun article about Bex. Val said, “Before Bex was banned in 1977 it was sold over the counter at every shop from the 1930s. It contained... read more

103 year old challenges Usain Bolt for a race!


  Hidekichi Miyazaki is a 103 year old from Japan. But, he isn’t your average centenarian… He holds the world record for the fastest 100 metre sprint by a... read more

Financial Planner – Should we have caution or concern?

Financial Planning_300x185

  If the scandals surrounding the large Financial Planning networks of the Commonwealth Bank and AMP this year haven’t put you off using a financial planner, today’s article leading... read more

Aldi withdraws Roald Dahl book from shelves because of one word


  The 1982 book, Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl is a book that has been loved by many. It was something most people read during young adulthood if not... read more

Governing in the nude

keating and hawke

Politicians in the old days sure were a lot more interesting.  If you missed it, Paul Keating took great joy in disclosing that Bob Hawke used to like to... read more

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Easy 3 ingredient fat free fruit loaf

Low sugar fruit cake

Here is a recipe for a yummy fat free loaf that has all the taste but none of the calories! Ingredients 4 cups self-raising flour 4 cups cold black tea 4 cups mixed dried fruit – I use sultanas and dried apricots. Instructions Mix everything together, it will be quite runny. … read more

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Long skimming shirts – no skin tight tops here!


The sun is coming out for spring and the layers are starting to be peeled back. And when you do, it is nice to have some simple, stylish t-shirts to wear with 3/4 pants and casual looks. Slouchy t-shirts are all the rage this year: they hide the extra lumps … read more

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It’s a miracle! Here, have a drink…

Worth waiting for - 60/365

A woman and man get into a car accident. Both of their cars are totally demolished, but amazingly neither of them are hurt. After they crawl out of the wreckage, the woman says, “Wow, look at our cars – there’s nothing left! Thank God we are all right. This must … read more

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Win a home visit from Don Burke!

  Don Burke has taught us many things over the years. We’ve sat eagerly in the evenings waiting to... read more


The Stitches & Craft Show

If you love crafts (of any kind!), then this upcoming show will be paradise for you! The nation’s biggest... read more

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Brisbane Writers Festival

ATTENTION ALL BRISBANEITES Or anyone who would like to be in Brisbane for the Brisbane Writers Festival 3 to... read more


Review of Managing Carmen

In a sell-out of seats you could have Hird, sorry heard, a pin drop as the opening lines were delivered.... read more

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Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 3.09.02 pm

A song of sexual liberation claimed the number one spot this week in 1973…

This song is of the artist’s most famous singles and was a mo-town number one this week in 1973.... read more


Which debut hit was the number one song of 1979?

This rock hit was released this week in 1979 and soared to number one where it stayed for 6... read more