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Starts at 60: keeping our brains active!

After a couple of years, reading and contributing to Starts at 60 I’ve been wondering lately, just what is so special about the site? Why is the[...]

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Wish you were here: The joy of postcards

‘Wish you were here!’ goes the postcard cliché accompanied by a snapshot of crystal clear waters, sandy shores and swaying trees. Before Facebook and Instagram captured[...]

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2 Plays of Shakespeare

Quotable quotes by Shakespeare

In honour of Mr Shakespeare’s 451st birthday, here is a selection of his best quotes. Recently Sarah Galo, a writer with BuzzFeed, produced a list of[...]

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Rebellion in retirement

We think of teenagers as rebellious, all those hormones charging about all that uncertainty and angst, it is part of growing up. But what about the[...]

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The struggle of finding clothes for bigger ladies

There seems to be little attempt by the fashion industry to introduce fashionable fabrics to the overweight ladies….or am I just having difficulty finding anything decent,[...]

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Thinking about the telly

Television came to Brisbane in 1959 when I was 10 and my parents were probably the first in the street to buy a lovely mahogany three-in-one[...]

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Slippery Grip: How to win an argument!

First I should point out that the woman is always right, even when she is wrong, and this premise comes from 30 odd years of matrimonial bliss.[...]

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Tobe Frank: One Bag Adventure

Passport? Check Wallet? Check Sunnies and budgie smugglers? Check Shirt on my back? Check Big fat book? Check   To be frank, I have always had[...]

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Donations: When enough is enough

50 I know we all struggle from time to time financially and realise it must be quite difficult for charities trying their best to make life easier[...]

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I am so grateful, but I wasn’t always like this

7 I have a lot to be grateful for, but it wasn’t always that way. I once rather erroneously thought that life should always be a gratifying[...]

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Sixty something: On the job hunt

4 Well here I am again, putting my experiences of being 60 something on paper. Happy reading – or not! Being 60 something AND a woman can be scary,[...]

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Meeting my birth mother

4 My natural mother passed away when I was 60 years old. I went along to her funeral and was included as a sister in everything by[...]

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No news is good news: Why I stopped watching TV news

256 I stopped watching the TV news a few weeks ago and I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I took this[...]

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Slippery Grip: Relaxation at a price!

35 There was a time when pampering yourself meant cutting your toe nails in front of the tele. Beauty therapies were for that special date, a wedding[...]

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The Indonesian finger

20 My sympathy for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran is tempered by the fact that they knew what they were doing when they embarked on their criminal[...]

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Vietnam – Australia Remembers

35 Fifty years ago today – 29 April, 1965 – Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies announced that an infantry battalion would be sent to South Vietnam[...]

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My weight loss journey: No looking back

17 This is part five of Pat’s weight loss journey that she is sharing with us. To read her previous blog, click here. Each week she will document her progress as you[...]

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Looking back at the 60s

102 People seem to be fascinated by the 1960s. It’s not just the baby boomers who you would expect to maintain an interest in their teenage years.[...]

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I have loved twice and twice I have lost the one I loved

80 It was November 1967. A police car drew up outside the business I managed. In slow motion, the older sergeant – someone I’d known for several[...]

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How would you like to receive this for Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there’s no time like[...]


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5 pacific isands

Enjoy an 8-night tropical Escape from just $1,045!

Want to get away this year for a short,[...]


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The two places you should stay when visiting Shanghai!

On your next stop over or trip to Shanghai,[...]


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0 Sailing to the Balearic Islands,  Majorca, Minorca.  an archipel

Explore the most beautiful European coastline with a cruise!

Right now, there’s a massive cruise sale on with[...]


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3 Highlights of Spain and Portugal

Explore Spain and Portugal with an incredible 13-day tour!

Explore Spain and Madrid with this fantastic 13 day[...]


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1 Germany

15-night Bohemian tour through Europe’s most interesting corner

Thanks to Escape Travel you have the chance to[...]


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