The bouncers

Much has been written about the tragedy of Philip Hughes death and a form of bowling called bouncers. Here is a story and a tragedy about[...]

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12 Boulevard-der-stars-IMG_1211x

The forgotten star, Luise Rainer, dead at 104.

Just before 2015 dawned, the death in London of Luise Rainer – living quietly and alone as the widowed Mrs Robert Knittel – was announced. She[...]

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1 190115_sky_dive_plane

To jump or not to jump…

I remember, as a very young expectant mum, there were people who seemed to delight in sharing stories about child birth that did not exactly leave[...]

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27 adult man hands holding burning candle

The state of the world

“For all those who fight for kindness, and for humanity, for a stand against cruelty to women and a stand against cruelty to animals. For the[...]

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30 230115_bike_mature_man

Ride on: a cyclist’s opinion

I am a cyclist. I am 61 years young and I guess I represent the age demographic of most readers of Starts at Sixty. I am[...]

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15 270115_world_australia_globe

Life before Australia

I spent the early years of my life in Bristol, in the south-west of England, and didn’t leave the old country until 1959, to live in[...]

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161 090115_underwear_clothesline_sky

The joy of new undies

I recently found myself working once again after a three month lull. I managed to score two jobs which more or less combine into one full[...]

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68 160115_picky_eating_eat

Odd tastes

My top food loathing has always been coconut. I can’t bear the smell. One of my daughters shares this loathing with me. She told me recently[...]

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Family, history, luck, fate… It’s all part of our background.

64 My great-great-grandfather died 159 years ago on 1st January 1855. There is no reason for you to think that unusual but bear with me a few[...]

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Visiting castles, movie sets and Westeros [Rogue Nomads]

2 This is part 31 of Dee’s grey nomad adventure around Europe. To read her previous instalment, click here   Heading towards Belfast, we found a little[...]

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The greatest country?

63 On talk back radio recently I heard suggestions from callers as to how to celebrate Australia Day. The most common suggestion was to down tools at[...]

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How I became “Dinky Di”

62 Well, some people may still find my slight accent a give away, but I now think in Australian, which is a definite indication that I have[...]

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A trip to town

32 Jacqui and I went to Melbourne yesterday, after a gap of about 18 months. Boy, what a shock! I had no idea how much we had become[...]

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The long and the short of it

154 Come on girls, we all know it – our hair is our crowning glory. We have good hair days and bad hair days. On good hair[...]

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Alas, another British cultural icon gone

20 You would have thought that the telephone hacking scandal that engulfed Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper empire was quite enough to shatter confidence in the integrity, decency[...]

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What’s in a name?

70 I bet this post creates some hateful angst. Just remember it is tongue in cheek. We were all given a name at birth, some are better[...]

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The Groundhog Day life

13 Ever see ‘Groundhog Day’? It was a great film made in 1992 starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. Bill found himself repeating the same day over[...]

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Get blogging

7 I never thought about the meaning of a blog before, but when Starts at 60 asked me to write about blogging, I thought I’d better be clear[...]

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To buy or not to buy

91 Do you go grocery or clothes shopping with your husband? Or do you shudder at the thought? Most women say their husband hates shopping, and to[...]

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12 Lifou

Explore the South Pacific!

Want to extend your summer? Then check out this[...]

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2 Glass of wine

Treat yourself with a trip to the Barossa!

There’s nothing like a short break to treat yourself,[...]


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10 Historic-Route-66-in-New-Kirk-New-Mexico

Experience the iconic Route 66 for less!

Route 66 along the American West Coast is one[...]


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1 bali-beaches-guide

Fantastic travel deal to Bali

There’s a reason why Bali is one of the[...]


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9 hongkong2

Explore Hong Kong with this incredible travel deal!

Hong Kong is one of those places that need[...]


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14 Luxury cruise ship sailing from port

Mediterranean cruise travel deal

Never been to the Mediterranean? Well now is your[...]


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