6 290715_emc2_einstein

Sense, sensibility and science are not mutually exclusive!

In 1905, an obscure Patent Clerk (Third Class) in the Swiss Government Patent Office in Bern was given a particularly severe Annual Performance Review by his[...]

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65 DSC00375.2

Opportunity knocks: How I scored four clothing items for $8.75

Loving clothes and being poor as a church mouse can be a difficult combination. Yet I can wear some really fantastic designer threads and dress up[...]

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27 Source: Club Oatley

Every community needs a local services club

Have you ever performed voluntary service in your community, belonged to Lions, Rotary, Freemasons or any of the other ‘service’ clubs with which our towns and[...]

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42 210815_police_car

Police vs drug dealers: Is there an end in sight?

Every day lately there are news reports about drug dealers being raided, huge quantities of ice and other drugs being found, and lots and lots of[...]

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10 Koch award

I’m a loser, I admit it.

I’m a loser. I admit it. I’m a loser and the record speaks for itself. I was a cross country runner in secondary school. I finished[...]

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83 Leongatha 2014-08-24-2

Dealing with body image over 60

Who steals our body overnight? Well someone did, am sure I did nothing, and here I am at 76 with a body I didn’t order. In[...]

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14 240715_sophistication_couch

The art of sophistication

Well, what does sophisticated mean? One definition, attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, is “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” It means, to varying degrees, worldly, cosmopolitan, experienced,[...]

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6 Stanford mobility challenge

What makes you happy? (And can Stanford design it for you)

Ever thought of yourself as a great ideas person or wanted to be an inventor but never followed through?  Then this challenge is for you… If[...]

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Sixty something: Bad things come in fours

150 Hello sixty somethings. Well, since my last rantings I have spent another stint in hospital. I am going to call this hospital “the three day” hospital. It seems, no[...]

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On being a temporary refugee

2 Bodies lay all around me – silent prone bodies on makeshift beds. Suddenly a green man flies through the air beside me and for a moment[...]

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Acknowledging wisdom lies in nature

6 On Monday, 22 March 2010, Perth was hit by a powerful supercell storm accompanied by a prodigious amount of hail. In half an hour, houses, businesses[...]

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Melbourne city allows you to email trees and send personal messages

21 In 1951, the classic Lerner and Lowe musical “Paint Your Wagon” opened to ecstatic reviews on its Broadway debut and the movie of the same name[...]

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Is it a scam? An over-60 woman’s real life experience…

199 After an incident free move from Brisbane, and starting my new job, I settled into my new abode in Melbourne. I knew Victoria was diverse, beautiful[...]

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The housewives guide to curing everything (in 1902)

15 I’m reading a book, printed in 1902 called “Enquire Within Upon Everything” and it really does cover a very wide range of subjects, of use to[...]

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My fad diet

65 Reading anything about food in the popular press or online these days makes me feel like a criminal. That’s because I changed my eating habits a[...]

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MyGov online: Great for over 60s or an internet nightmare?

243 Despite being more computer-literate than most, we still like paper notices, like invoices. They sit on the desk as a constant reminder until paid and can[...]

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Age and prejudice

21 In 1965 when I was in high school, I thought that all old people were ignorant, prejudiced, stupid, useless and a waste of space. Half a[...]

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Strangers now sleep in my bed: How my travels influenced my decision to become a home-stay host

17 I travel for pleasure…a lot. I travel to new cities, countries and continents each year. When people ask me about my experiences, I tell them about[...]

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The story of Mr Grumpy

19 Every day, he was subjected to rude and arrogant behaviour of the news-stand proprietor…. but it was how he responded that amazed everyone around him …[...]

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14 New York Times Square

Kick off 2016 with an amazing New York experience

Have you been yearning to see New York for[...]


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6 gold-coast

Need a long weekend away? Here’s your chance to indulge.

  Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply[...]


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0 girls-day-out

Win a great day out full of fashion, pampering and fun!

Girls’ Day Out is a women’s lifestyle festival for[...]

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23 Sydney_Opera_House_-_Dec_2008

Travel to Sydney for a quick, indulgent and affordable getaway

Whether you’re a stranger in Sydney or know Circular[...]


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4 yosemite

Still waiting to visit California? Now’s your chance!

California offers some of the most varied, memorable fun[...]


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0 hawaiian-cruise-travel

Calling all cruise lovers: Hawaii is waiting for you

The Pride of America cruise liner is a wonderfully decadent way to take[...]


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