0 Lamborghini Gallardo

Fast cars and young men: my ride in a Lamborghini!

How many times in a life do you get the chance to drive in a very fast sports car, with a young man slightly older than[...]

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120 231014_Man_Computer_Typing_edited

With love from Lagos….

I’m trying my best not to get too excited but it’s becoming increasingly difficult. And mixed with this rampant excitement is a mortifying fear that the[...]

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44 Public restroom

To go or not to go: calling a toilet, a toilet

This is about the shortest piece I’’ve ever written for Starts at Sixty, but it’’s something that needs to be said, nonetheless! It’’s something that really[...]

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Music of the night: the haunting saxophone and laughter on the streets

There is no sound as sweet as the mellow tone of a saxophone drifting across the chilly air, playing the music of ballroom dancing. When I[...]

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259 161014_AustralianCoins_Shilling_Sixpence_edited

Seventeen and sixpence – my first job

This was the princely sum I earned in my first job – I thought I was fabulously wealthy. My pocket money was five shillings a week,[...]

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375 marjorie

Age ain’t nothing but a number

I’ve only recently learned of the sad passing of Melbourne woman Marjorie Hemmerde last year at the grand old age of 106. Yes, a jolly good[...]

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111 161014_WoodenBoat_Docked_edited

Solitude: a short story

Thick, inky darkness swirls around the small wooden boat; motionless, it sits in the secluded cove by the rocks, no sound or movement betrays its presence,[...]

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145 141014_Wine_Pour_Red

Hince on wine: we’re a nation of winos!

“We ought to be opening a bottle of wine” – Edith Wharton I think friends and wine should be old and prefer to enjoy wine in[...]

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First day of school

684 Can you remember your first day at school? I have to admit, the memory is rather vague, after all, it was seventy four years ago, and[...]

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Marrying after 60 – my new life and love

615 Towards the end of 2008, when I was 57, I registered with dating sites Plenty of Fish, RSVP and several others I can’t remember. I had[...]

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Tobe Frank: I need a holiday from retirement

205 To be frank, I think I need to retire from retirement; a holiday from it at the very least. I’m completely rooted, I’m pooped, I’m flatter than[...]

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Becoming gluten free changed my life

288 I had my first surgery on my head when I was in primary school. All I remember is being sent to school with my head bandaged[...]

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The job interview I wasn’t prepared for…

170 Looking back to my teens, it is amazing how much change in my thinking there has been. Back then I didn’t ask questions for fear of[...]

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A big responsibility – larger than life leaders

88 It is probably made-up but I still like it. Labor MP Bessie Braddock – a fiery and single minded crusading socialist if ever there was one[...]

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State elections: more promises, more let downs

117 We have State elections coming up in a few weeks’ time, much to the excitement of the public, I’m sure; we all love a good election,[...]

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You can do it alone – no agents required!

239 Real estate agents will tell you that selling your house is not as easy as it looks, that agents know the market and can get you[...]

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The distractions of spring

134 When I sit to write or revise my work I am, I must confess, often distracted by the beauty of my surroundings …it’s supposed to be[...]

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Our canine family: the dogs I’ve met and owned

150 We are pretty much a group of dog lovers. I’ve put together a few selected tales about some of our canine family members over the years.[...]

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Are we expecting sunshine without the rain? My response to The Silver Veil

128 My response to the ‘The silver veil…becoming invisible as we age’… What this poor woman needs is some friendly encouragement and if there is no friend[...]

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62 sfx127661

GIVEAWAY: The Grumpy Old Women present: Fifty Shades of Beige

Back to knock some sense back into the nation,[...]

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2 Hobart Harbour Yacht Gallery

Escape the heat and head down south!

As we head into the warmer months, head south[...]


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27 swanlake1

Win tickets to Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

Winner of 30 international awards, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake[...]

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93 Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.52.29 pm

GIVEAWAY – The Code: Season One

Stretching from the spectacular red desert of Australia’s outback[...]

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0 Freemantle

A short break with culture, history and entertainment…

if you want a short break with a gentle[...]


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46 Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.32.55 am

GIVEAWAY – Legendary soprano Inessa Galante returns to Australia

Latvian Opera’s internationally acclaimed prima donna Inessa Galante, is returning[...]

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