16 bread2

Making, baking and breaking bread: My love of sourdough bread making

I love making and baking bread and have been doing so for years. These were ordinary loaves made with yeast and regular white flour. About 6[...]

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8 200715_seniors_socialising

Is it time for more than medicine?

Back when the Black Death ran rampant, killing almost a third of Europe’s population, one of the bogus treatments that doctors prescribed was to apply a[...]

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19 170715_earth_world_hand

In a perfect world

In a perfect world I would make an appointment at the doctors and when I get there would go straight in. In my world I make[...]

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154 Sexy in Sepia

Clothes we wore back then: The garments that have almost become extinct

The liberty bodice was worn like a singlet, only we also wore a singlet under it. Have you heard of it? It had little tapes sewn[...]

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15 image36

A dog’s life

G’day my name is Blitzen! Now, you will be thinking who in their right mind would give their little girl such a ridiculous name, but it[...]

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19 150715_senior_man_angry

Tobe Frank: I broke the internet

To be frank, we live in one of those places where the internet is so slow you could bleed out from a paper cut whilst waiting[...]

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267 Are you ready to get out of here?

Sixty Something: The hip replacement and aftermath

Hello Sixty Something readers. It’s been a while. I am betting I have missed much on SAS this past month. So much has happened though and[...]

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3 34 Squadron Unsung Hero

Life as an RAAF ground crew electrician

The sometimes interesting, most often crazy story of a boy and aircraft. As a kid I loved all thing aeronautical, my Dad would take me out[...]

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When I finally got “the call” that saved my life

3 After two horrendous years waiting for the gift of life while dying I finally got THE CALL. The call people are waiting for all over the[...]

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The dos and don’ts with daughters-in-law

202 I never even gave it thought that there might be rules when there came to daughter-in-laws. Having been a daughter-in-law through three different marriages, I have[...]

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Bored to death: The fascinating world of boredom

22 How many of us have been so bored by something that we have likened it to watching paint dry? Well boredom, like beauty or conjunctivitis, is[...]

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My grandson was going nowhere fast…so I took him overseas with me

29 My eldest grandson Scott was 18 and going nowhere fast. A very intelligent boy, but a square peg in a round hole! I had been living[...]

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The night I fell in love with Helen Shapiro

169 The 9th November 1962 at the Ritz Cinema Belfast, I was 16 and looking forward to seeing this new singing sensation Helen Shapiro, I thought she[...]

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Whatever happened to the quiet wedding?

115 Please tell me that it still happens? I need to know the world is not completely mad. Not all opting for the full blown 700 hundred guests,[...]

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An exotic trip to Bundaberg

31 It was Thursday and the weekend held little promise for excitement. So a chance to escape for a day or two was most welcome. Ideally one[...]

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Dressing well at any age or size

36 Our population is expanding, not just in numbers but in size. This poses a challenge for the clothing industry. Up to size 26 there are a[...]

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What the Greek economic collapse teaches us

65 The other day I had a coffee with someone who was expressing concern about the strife in Greece with people lining up at ATMs. She was[...]

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Are kangaroos the spawn of the devil?

52 Maybe it is about time we all had a good long think about kangaroos. Almost since Day One of European contact with Australia – Captain Cook[...]

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Oops, I’m turning into Mrs Grumpy

248 With steamed up glasses perched upon my sweating nose I peer angrily at the minuscule printing instructing me on how to open my new kitchen scissors.[...]

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Travel deal: discover the thrill of the Calgary Stampede!

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Travel deal: Take an unforgettable 8-day tour of Eastern Canada

Eager to explore Canada, but not sure where to[...]


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Travel deal: escape the cold with a tropical Whitsundays adventure!

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Travel deal: explore the Rockies and Alaska over two unforgettable weeks!

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Travel deal: explore Vietnam with one easy, affordable package!

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See the polar bears close-up with this thrilling Canadian travel package!

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