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C.J. Dennis – a forgotten poetic genius?

Ninety nine years ago in Sydney, George Robertson, of the famed Angus & Robertson publishing company, published the most successful book of poetry ever published in[...]

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Payback for Australia’s politically correct brigade?

For many years we have had to put up with the high-jinx of the politically-correct-do-gooders of our society, as they carefully arrange for the world to[...]

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Thinking about knickers – my baby boomer business

What do people do when they cannot buy briefs that fit? Do they get a dressmaker to make them? Do they squeeze into stuff that is[...]

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Kumar’s kitchen-garden scrapbook: leftovers

After having a glut of fennel, I now have a surplus of broad beans from the vegie patch. When planting vegies, it is always a problem[...]

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Me and my boobs

We had a shaky start me and my boobs – breasts if you want to be more formal – I was ten and my Aunt Floss,[...]

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I felt betrayed: when simple surgery goes wrong

I used to be a pretty accomplished guitarist. Forty plus years of playing guitar, it was my joy, it helped me to relax, zone out, and[...]

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Animal magic: all my special pets over the years

I was taught to love every living creature, so from age three I had pets, white mice, cats and dogs. Later, exotic strays made their way[...]

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The Lamborghini ride – what a rush!

The unique thing about a Lamborghini is that you climb down into it, unlike pretty well every other car on the road! Not the easiest thing[...]

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Mary: how I care for her and how she brightens my life

349 I have been caring for Mary for five years now, although it seems to me she has been caring for me. Mary is 98 and I[...]

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My secret admirer: a whirlwind romance and no regrets

109 I think I met him in July and married him in August – I can’t really remember – I could look up my divorce papers, but[...]

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What happened to parsing? The grammar nazi is a dying breed

217 Well, what did happen to parsing? I looked it up in trusty Wikipedia and their expert said this, “Parsing or, more formally, syntactic analysis is the[...]

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A carer’s story: the ignorance and stupidity in society

182 I am a carer for two: my 90-year-old mum and my 40-year-old son. Mum’s problems were brought about by old age and outliving 3 husbands; my[...]

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A nostalgic drive: going back to my childhood

165 My sister and I spent our growing years at Gladstone, in the mid north of South Australia; we are both, now, in our early 60s. However,[...]

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From boy to man: my time in the National Service

181 I still lived in England in 1953, I was eighteen years old and National Service was still in operation. Every male who was fit had to[...]

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The plight of the bumble bee

151 Recently, our local paper had an article regarding a family who thought they were prisoner in their own home as their neighbour has hives and they[...]

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Travel tips: Bed and breakfasts are the way to go!

130 There are many types of accommodation when traveling both domestically and overseas: hotels, serviced apartments, RV’s, hostels, and bed and breakfasts. The latter is our favourite.[...]

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Five foods that naturally cleanse your liver

118 Your liver plays an important role for your body. It cleans up all the toxins you put in it, therefore keeping all internal systems running smoothly.[...]

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Praying and moving my feet had no effect: my life story and what I’ve learnt to appreciate

128 I am sitting in a quiet room listening to a song by Plain White T’s – a teenage love story, angst ridden about a lost love[...]

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Tobe Frank: I went up and down but never off the rails….what is happening to this world?

186 To be frank I have lead a privileged life. Not one of opulence, extravagance or even great luxury, but one of privilege…and sometimes I need to[...]

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GIVEAWAY – Legendary soprano Inessa Galante returns to Australia

Latvian Opera’s internationally acclaimed prima donna Inessa Galante, is returning[...]

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Cruise along the majestic Mekong on a budget!

The Mekong River is one of the “must do”[...]


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Return flights to LA for less than $1000? Yes please!

Thanks to Escape Travel you can enjoy return economy[...]


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Fiji flights and accommodation for an unbelievable price!

This travel deal is pretty amazing… Enjoy an escape[...]


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Have a last minute long weekend on the sunny Queensland coast!

The Gold Coast is one of the most famous[...]


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Overseas getaway for less than $1000!

You can go overseas for less with this wonderful[...]


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