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Magic Music at Mechanic’s Institute

Some years ago there was a ‘bunfight’ at Blue Mountains City Council about the fate of the old Mechanic’s Institute or Lawson Community Centre in Lawson.[...]

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59 Senior woman getting skin care injection

The battle of the bingo wings and botox

Why people get Botox injected into themselves is beyond me – they all start to look the same after a few hits. They become odd-looking 20[...]

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37 Woman Looking In Oven And Covering Eyes Over Disasterous Meal

One of those days

I should have known the vibes were wrong. It was Sunday; should have been nice and relaxed, had planned to make a bolognese sauce and freeze[...]

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169 241114_toenails_cutting_scissors

The art of toenail cutting

Have you, like me, noticed that your toes are a lot further away from you now than they used to be? It has to be that,[...]

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15 101114_Freedom_Happiness

Can I do it or is too late?

My sister has dealt with mental issues for most of her life and now she is locked in her own world of aphasia and the dawning[...]

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4 201114_Castle_Dee_Bond

The Swiss cottage in Ireland [Rogue Nomads]

This is part 26 of Dee’s grey nomad adventure around Europe. To read her previous instalment, click here County Cork has a lot to offer the[...]

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72 Brightly colored leather bags

Why is it SO hard to find the perfect handbag?

It was a defining moment: searching for a pair of 3D glasses in a darkened movie theatre in a handbag which had swallowed them up. Why?[...]

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24 Time for some anger management classes

Anger management

The many blessed folks who know me and love me will be staggered – yes “staggered” is not too strong a word in this circumstance –[...]

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Growing up in the Church

76 I was brought up in a typical 50s Catholic household. Dad was Catholic, Mum changed from Church of England to Catholic so she could marry Dad. We[...]

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An hilarious look at words

31 An hilarious look at words, especially those that have been used inadvertently or inappropriately… or have been simply misunderstood! We are all aware of hoary old[...]

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What Pisses Me Off: everyone!

218 Some people piss me off – actually, a lot of people do. The arrogant are high on my list: they think they know everything, they think they[...]

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Going to the barber

18 I don’t know about other blokes, but I always enjoy going to the hairdresser for a trim. It’s partly a vanity thing I suppose, in that[...]

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Do you really want to know?

48 Have you ever been to see a Clairvoyant? Ever had your fortune told by the Tarot cards or the crystal ball? Read your horoscope? There are[...]

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Tobe Frank: the art of a good joke

5 To be frank I’ve never been very good at telling jokes. Writing? Maybe (I’ll let you decide). Perfectly timed one-liners oozing dry wit and sarcasm? Most[...]

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The right time to quit your job

92 You like your job – but is it time to move on? More people in their 50s and 60s are delaying their retirement. They’ve heard the[...]

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A photo… A memory… A smile of joy…

26 I wrote an article a few months back about a special photo. It is a tiny little Polaroid badly worn for having lived four decades in[...]

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Wowed in Guanajuato [Not so S.O.F.T.]

1 This is a continuation of the wonderful travel series from earlier this year by the Champagne Dame – the S.O.F.T: single older female travels! Only this[...]

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A woman’s place

70 We are judged every day for what we are, how we look and then measured against the yardstick of someone else’s standards. Mostly I shrug it[...]

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The 75th anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made….

96 This year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made – Gone with the Wind – and next year will[...]

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10 Perast, Montenegro

Flights, accommodation + seven night cruise for an incredible price!

A beautiful holiday through the Mediterranean, this package includes[...]


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11 NZSouth

Solo traveller cruise for ultimate relaxation!

If you’re into relaxing holidays then this is definitely[...]


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13 grapes

Enjoy the perfect weekend getaway to the Hunter Valley

Thanks to our great travel partner, Escape Travel, you[...]


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3 NYE 2014 Kate Promo_1

GIVEAWAY: Celebrate the New Year with the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra

Welcoming in the New Year this December will be[...]

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2 NY

Flights + four nights in New York!

Are you dreaming of escaping to New York? Or[...]


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3 Australia

A short break to get some sunshine!

If you want a short break to relax and[...]


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