0 200215_fishing_fish_ocean

A bad day’s fishing!

“Oh no, it can’t be that time yet”, I moaned as the alarm on the radio blasted into my peaceful dream and jerked me into an[...]

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133 800px-Austin_A30_Saloon

All my cars over the years

Recently, I have been thinking about the miles I have driven, and the cars, many and varied, I have owned in my 46-ish years of driving.[...]

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223 190215_death_penalty_skull

The death penalty – the final revenge?

It now appears certain that Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, the leaders of the Bali Nine drug smugglers, will face an Indonesian firing squad. Our official[...]

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192 Senior man pointing

I am not a whinging pom!

After reading the comments on my latest article, in which I described some of the great sights to see and experience in the UK, I feel[...]

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11 stall-market-outdoor-hotel-new-cheap-unique-arts-c1

Looking outside the box for income in your 60s

Have you just submitted 1,000 jobs applications with no results, walked the street with a resume, asked friends if they can get you work, hunted for[...]

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85 Decision Mature woman

What happened to my colour?

At some time I’m sure many of us have had our colours “done”. I remember having a consultation, such a serious word for such a vanity.[...]

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3 Mature woman with camera

Still in the moshpit at 60+

Music photography has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. Before that, during my teenage years in the 60s, I took the occasional photo at[...]

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33 Giving a hand to those in need

Volunteering in my mother’s nursing home is so rewarding

Almost two years ago my mother went into a nursing home, as at 91 she was having some problems at home, and we were really worried[...]

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Cocaine and Dead Elephants…what’s next…fighting along side ISIS? [Tobe Frank]

269 To be frank, I’m not even sure where to take this rant…I am so disappointed, so disgusted, so bewildered, that I may as well give up[...]

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Hair today, gone tomorrow: older men in denial

3 Back in late 1969, I managed to escape from my mother’s ever-watchful eye and get to Sydney to see the brand new musical, “Hair” and it[...]

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Snake! How I feel about those who kill these creatures

371 It was a January day of crackling heat. Twigs and dry leaves snapped underfoot and the soil was hot to walk on. We were at Lake[...]

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How I survived the five-two diet

32 She kept telling me I’d be sorry, but I really hadn’t the foggiest notion of what she was talking about. It was probably to do with[...]

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No respect: the sense of entitlement of the youth

83 We see the attempts by the social do-gooders to raise the drinking to 21. It would of course never be done, because of the power of the[...]

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The real origins of the ‘life hack’

6 ‘Life hacks’ is one of those interesting terms. I know what it means (thank you Starts at Sixty), but I don’t think I’d use it. It[...]

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The heroes you don’t hear about

27 Starts at 60 recently had articles about the forgotten Hollywood star Luise Rainer, who died at 104, and about the passing of Australian writer Colleen McCullough. One[...]

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I didn’t do it

6 How many of us have been guilty of saying that when we were kids – or even adults – when we have been accused of some[...]

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Tobe Frank: Life is a List

10 Lists, lists everywhere. Some be crap, some be fair Some are short, Some are long, Lists be living after I’m gone. To be frank, I’m generally[...]

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Fried grasshoppers and sautéed iguana [Not So S.O.F.T.]

4 This is the next instalment of Champagne Dame’s time in Mexico. To view the previous post, click here  A real treat for the Aztecs or Zapotecs[...]

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When you have an unexpected (animal) visitor!

22 I’m used to seeing all sorts of native animals around the tree house where I live. In my front garden I have seen echidnas; blue tongue[...]

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4 Chelsea Flower Show

Visit the Chelsea Flower show with this fantastic deal!

The Chelsea Flower Show is world renowned and this[...]


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1 New York Times Square

Return flights to NYC flying Qantas from just $1,342!

For a limited time only, Qantas is offering big[...]


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5 Qantas Plane

Qantas airfares to Los Angeles are on sale now!

For a limited time only, Qantas is offering big[...]


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2 Lord's

An amazing chance to go to the Ashes at Lord’s!

After Australia’s 5-0 whitewash in the last Ashes Series[...]


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60 Secondbest

Win tickets to the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!

Thanks to 20th Century Fox Films, the Starts at[...]

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10 Singapore

Turn your Singapore stopover into a mini-adventure!

Turn your international flight stopover into a tourist holiday[...]


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