0 271114_red_dress

A new dress for Christmas

As soon as Auntie Rose opened the door of my house, I knew that once again it was time to join in the family celebrations. I[...]

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5 271114_Ruins

Life in Rhodesia: part three

This is part three of Linda’s life in Rhodesia. To read her previous instalments, click here. There are eight species of Baobab – the African variety, six[...]

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LSD and currency of the early 60s

Before our children were grown up, it was hard to explain to them that when I was young everyone used LSD. So, now they’re of age, I have sat them[...]

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3 Queen in royal dress and luxuriant collar

There is nothing like a dame

So sang the chorus of love-sick sailors in Rogers and Hammerstein’s 1958 classic, South Pacific – they have everything they wanted except, well, a dame. There[...]

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61 penny_on_bike_in_nepal_with_elephant

On being a solo older female traveller

Do you remember those travel dreams you had when you were young? Hopefully, you were able to fulfil many of them and have some wonderful memories[...]

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78 ads

Advertising dum-dums

It’s bad enough that most of the programs we enjoy on free-to-air TV have to be spoilt by advertisements, some of which seem to take up[...]

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260 Hammer

The laws that need to be changed

Like others, I heard about the Sydney siege that occurred yesterday and into the early hours of this morning. Then like a deluge it kept washing over[...]

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91 091214_scones_jam

The 21st century evolution of the scone

Once upon a time, a long long time ago when I was a little girl, a scone was a little round, slightly sweet morsel to be[...]

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What to buy for Christmas? My foolproof secret

20 The Three Wise Men bought the infant Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh and invented the idea of giving gifts at Christmas. The Bible doesn’t tell us[...]

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My friends say I’m cruel but I’m just trying to get by

337 My friends say I’m cruel for doing this, but I am just trying to get by. I need to charge my children rent to stay at[...]

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Broken promises and deficient technology

2 The dish mop drainer slides nonchalantly down the kitchen cupboard door. It mocks me meanly as it once again lands with a crash onto the cupboard[...]

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Selling real estate: embellishments and exaggerations

10 The townhouse next door to ours was advertised for rental recently and what a wonderful eye-opener the advertisement was. Having visited the premises in the past[...]

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On the job with Brian Lee

8 You will (hopefully) have seen some examples of my paintings and drawings on Starts At 60, but I haven’t finished with you yet. The art I have[...]

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Christmas is here again!

20 Christmas is here again – another year over. I will be 62 in January and I haven’t even had a chance to celebrate my 60th yet.[...]

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Tobe Frank: We’re all sheep

34 “Where are we Hal?” “I dunno Carl, I was following you.” “I thought you’d flash your lights if I took a wrong turn?” “Me??? I’ve got[...]

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Ho Ho Ho or ho hum?

9 Tis the season to be jolly and I was so determined that my last blog for the year would be full of fun and merriment… but[...]

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Christmas memories

11 I’m very grateful to my parents for having me in 1949 because it meant a blissfully carefree childhood in the 1950s when, it seemed, the entire[...]

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Christmas – I love it!

29 I have so many happy memories of Christmas past. The decorations, the tree, the relations, the friends and neighbours, Christmas Mass, the heat, the food; ah[...]

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The spirit of Christmas comes calling

15 We have five big pine trees in our yard, each with a seemingly never-ending supply of cones that slowly ripen and drop off. So, throughout the[...]

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0 Wonderauroa

The Northern Lights are affordable with this amazing tour deal!

The Northern Lights is one of those amazing bucket list[...]


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1 natural_wonder_mount_everest1

Trek Mount Everest for $2,160

Trek through the most amazing valleys, rivers and mountains.[...]


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1 seaview

International flights and seven nights accommodation for just $1,165!

Want a tropical escape? Then head to the beautiful[...]


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1 Waikiki

Last chance to enjoy a discount trip to Hawaii!

We ran this deal last month and it has[...]


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GIVEAWAY – Billy Elliot The Musical Live

Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is releasing Billy Elliot[...]

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8 Wooden beach chairs with sun umbrella

The perfect special occasion holiday is on sale right now!

If you want a tropical getaway to enjoy over[...]


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