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The Idiot’s Guide to Stupidity

Most people are stupid. It’s pretty obvious. They say stupid things. They do stupid things. They are just plain stupid. There are many ways to tell[...]

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Kool Kats: Nobody’s a stranger on Nevis

“Nobody’s a stranger on Nevis” This is exactly how it felt when we walked around the Caribbean island of Nevis, which is the sister island to[...]

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My very first sighting of a jet aircraft

Do you remember seeing your very first jet aircraft? Mine was a Gloster Meteor, as it flew low over Bristol one morning in late 1944. It[...]

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58 Greenfield IN

Making it happen: My solo nomad trip will soon come true

Over the past couple of weeks I have been pondering my future direction. I am at a point in my life where all my children have[...]

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40 ChristmasStar

Christmas in July

Make hay while the sun shines. This saying dates back to Medieval times, when peasants were busy binding, hedging, ploughing, sowing, thatching and generally toiling on[...]

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30 Contemplative senior woman on wooden walkway

My weight loss journey: It’s never too late to put yourself first

When I started writing this blog over three months ago I felt sure that I would be able to keep up with it. What I didn’t[...]

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The Misadventure of Adventure: Flights of fancy

Part of the real joy of being this glorious age is having the time and the finances to travel. I encourage all to travel now and travel[...]

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She made sponges once: The story of a woman admired by all

In a pristine kitchen she used to make up to 30 light and delicious sponges a day. Especially if it was for a special occasion. A wedding[...]

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Is it OK to recycle letters to your wife?

65 Is it OK to recycle letters to your wife? I have stumbled across some old letters that I gave to my wife, when we were first[...]

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Did monkeys make us alcoholics?

19 I’ve never been able to look an ape, monkey or chimpanzee in the face since I saw that memorable 1968 film, Planet of the Apes. I[...]

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Motherhood was not something I ever craved but I made do

130 Motherhood was not something I ever craved, at least not immediately. I had no connection with small dribbly babies when I was growing up and my[...]

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ROK’s Flicks: Partisan

4 French actor Vincent Cassel’s (Black Swan) character of Gregori is not a likeable man. In Partisan, a dark but mesmerising film, Gregori scouts hospitals to find vulnerable abandoned[...]

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My 40-year high school reunion

58 In 1970, when I was 15, I left school. An all-girl, Victorian Catholic Ladies convent and training centre for the Brigidine Order of Nuns. The ABC[...]

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Are you too old to stay in hostels?

52 Did you backpack around Europe in your late teens on $10 a day staying in hostels and camp sites? Would you consider staying in hostels now[...]

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Not just another tourist: Volunteering with animals

8 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has” – Margaret Mead Could[...]

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Shear brutality: Please don’t swear at the sheep

150 We can only imagine what nameless horrors are inflicted on poor defenceless animals in remote areas by criminal thugs who think that their abuse will go[...]

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FIFO, FIFO, it’s off to work we go

29 All our married life, 38 years, my husband has been a heavy haulage train driver, working various rail corporations in SA over the years including a[...]

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Tobe Frank: Changing sports uniforms – from practically naked to super tight

2 The first Olympians competed stark naked. Thankfully modern day Olympians do not. Somewhere along the way these god-like athletes came to realise they were able to[...]

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The real Australian Batman

1 Let us play associations for a moment: I say Adam, you say Eve. I say Antony, you say Cleopatra. I say Steptoe, you say Son. There’s[...]

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See the Northern Lights in 2015 with this incredible travel deal!

Seeing the Northern Lights up close is a travel dream for many[...]


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3 motorbikes - motorcycle grand prix

The perfect gift for the MotoGP fan in your life

Whether you’re an avid MotoGP enthusiast, know one, or[...]


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The fashion website every woman needs to know about! Discount inside.

There’s a secret that we need to share with[...]

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Secure your place at the 2016 Australian Open with this awesome travel deal!

If you’ve wanted to experience the thrill of the[...]


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Fly to Bali on a budget with this incredible travel deal!

Looking for a relaxing, inexpensive holiday abroad? Escape Travel’s[...]


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Experience Honolulu with this amazing travel deal!

When we think of Hawaii, it can be hard[...]


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