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The first timer’s guide to cruises

As a ship’s captain told me last year “our largest repeat business are senior holidays”. He went on to tell me seniors holidays create a lot of energy[...]

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Tobe Frank: Some days are like scrambled eggs

To be frank, I wake up some days and just want to do something different. Oh, bugger it, I’ll have my eggs sunnyside down today…no wait,[...]

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24 magnifying loupe and book

The odd words of the English language

I came across an amazing word recently. Sonder. Not sunder, not wonder – sonder. I experienced sonder when I was six or seven but had no[...]

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Where can I park la macchina? A carpark stuff-up in a foreign city…

Some years ago my partner Rob and I hired a car and toured the Italian province of Tuscany. One evening we checked into a charming little hotel,[...]

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Baby boomers can have sex too!

Aw, the BABY BOOMERS. We were the generation of free love, mini skirts, the birth control pill, the sexual revolution, and utopian socialist communes. Our bookshelves[...]

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4 Bizarre naked man farts flame

The case of the exploding trousers…?

A lighthearted look at an occurrence that sounds unlikely but did, within bounds, actually happen. We chortled away at the madcap Goon Show back in the[...]

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Kool Kats: Grey nomads…but on water!

That’s my ‘elevator pitch’ when people back home ask what I do. It’s the short and sharp description which most readily captures what my husband and[...]

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4 Memory Lane

Looking back fondly on work memories

With so much attention today on Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, it is great to be able to look back, reminisce and remember. We all[...]

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A nose for crime: our best scientists are a whisker away

8 I have been reading about a US outfit called the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organisation which is part of the United States’ Pentagon, the Americans’[...]

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Buying my son’s hot car at 60

6 At 60, when our sons get in trouble financially, we tend to reach out and try and help at the time. I was a little too[...]

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Writing your life story as a part of history

32 One of the hardest things for me to accept is that I have lived long enough to become a part of history! Of course the longer[...]

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Another tick off my bucket list

44 What was I thinking? As a kid I would climb trees and I spent a great deal of my time on the roof, even climbing down[...]

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Slippery Grip: Writer branding

10 As if there isn’t enough to worry about when one tries to be a writer, now apparently we need to be branded. I thought I had[...]

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How on Earth did they think of that?

35 As a retired person, I often just sit, for quite long periods of time, doing nothing, while at other, more energetic moments I sit, and also[...]

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Sick of the endless diet roller coaster? So was I.

80 This is part one of Pat’s weight loss journey that she is sharing with us. Each week she will document her progress as you support her and hopefully[...]

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Celebrating Starts at 60 – how I found my community

21 When Starts at Sixty first appeared on my Facebook news feed in 2013, my initial reaction was to wonder why such things suddenly appear without invitation.[...]

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Our parents’ increasing life expectancy…what does this mean for us?

51 As we age and health care and longevity is increasing, so too does our parents’ life expectancy. Are we now the ‘sandwich generation’ as we have[...]

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Ladies night in

37 The invitation was in the letter box, delivered by hand. My recently widowed neighbour was having the ladies of the houses nearby to dinner. Now, there[...]

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So, you want to travel? How to get going and the questions to ask yourself

13 So, you want to travel? Perhaps a friend has told you, “You must go to Paris”. Or, a family member has said, “You really should go[...]

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1 Germany

15-night Bohemian tour through Europe’s most interesting corner

Thanks to Escape Travel you have the chance to[...]


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Win one of 10 DVD copies of the post-depression era film, Serena!

Following the huge success of Silver Linings Playbook and[...]

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Amazing guided tour of Britain on sale now!

Enjoy an incredibly eight day guided holiday through beautiful[...]


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Escape for Easter with this fantastic getaway!

Getaway for Easter with an amazing two night package[...]


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Getaway to Hawaii with incredibly cheap airfares!

This Winter, escape to the warm tropics of Hawaii[...]


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